Up for review: Are you there, Charley Bear?

We were really lucky to be sent the first ever DVD from the popular CBeebies pre-school series ‘Are You There, Charley Bear?’ and as we had never seen it on tv before, it was in fact a complete first for us.

The DVD has seven episodes and also features a host of extras including a bonus episode, an introduction to Charley and his friends (which was particularly good for us) and there are also some downloadable colouring sheets.

I have to say that the episodes were really very sweet and my little one was captivated by it. I think it’s safe to say that she has a new favourite! I love the element of imagination in the stories and I think she was really caught up in the magic of it all.

Her favourite episode was definitely Big Top Ballerina where Charley really wants to master a circus trick but even though he is not very good at anything he is determined not to give up. Charley heads to the circus and finds that all the performers are much better at tricks than he is but then he actually pulls the greatest trick of all by saving the ballerina from up on the high wire! Exciting stuff when you are three 😉

I love that the DVD is broken down into the separate episodes as this is of course perfect for the attention span of little people. And I was impressed by the extras too which you don’t always get on children’s DVDs. With an RRP of just £12.99 this represents very good value and I would definitely recommend this for all pre-school children, even if like us you have never seen the CBeebies show before. It really is a lovely DVD.

‘Are You There, Charley Bear ?’ is available from all major retailers and www.hitstoreuk.com. For more information you can visit www.littlecharleybear.co.uk or become friends with Charley over on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Up for review: Are you there, Charley Bear?

  1. Muddling Along says:

    Ours both love Charley bear – if I’ve had to recreate that Bellarina scene once I’ve done it a million times (slightly regret showing Bigger how to pretend to high wire with the lines from the floorboards and the broom)


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