Time to breath..

When I made my Silent Sunday post this week, I fully intended to follow it up with a More On Monday post but I just didn’t get around to it (like so many other things I just don’t seem to get around to these days..) But anyway, so many people asked about the picture that I didn’t want to just leave it as that.

It was taken at Lake Coniston last week and in fact I had so many pictures to choose from that I was spoilt for choice for my post but I rather liked the calmness of that one. Perfect for a Silent Sunday I thought.

My darling Other Half is working so incredibly hard at the moment, in fact so much so that we haven’t been able to book a proper holiday as of yet this year because he just doesn’t know when he will be able to take the time off. I’m not moaning of course. In fact quite the opposite. With times as they are right now, I am in fact very grateful of the fact that he is so busy. But of course the thing is that the harder he works, the more he actually needs a holiday.

So last week we snook away for a bit of a break up to the Lake District. Only for four days. But that long weekend away was just what we all needed I think. A break away from the daily grind. Time to breath.

The weather gods were smiling down on us as it was in fact glorious for the whole weekend and we stayed in the quaintest of picture perfect cottages in a little place just off the tourist trail called Broughton just outside Coniston.

We went for walks, skimmed stones on the lake and had far too many cream teas. It was  just what we needed. Absolute bliss in fact.

And I fully intend to steal him away for another long weekend as soon as I can 😉

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