More on Monday..

I didn’t intend to take part in Silent Sunday yesterday as I was out enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sunshine but then I ended up taking such fabulous pictures that I couldn’t resist. But the picture I chose probably didn’t make a whole lot of sense, hence my More on Monday post today.

It was taken at Yorkshire Sculpture Park – a place that I absolutely love and somewhere that we visit a lot (and has in fact featured on my blog before and will no doubt appear again!) You can walk for miles and miles, have a picnic, the children get to have a run around while you can pretend to be all cultural 😉

At the moment there is a truly amazing exhibition by the Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. It’s worth the trip to the park for this alone honestly.

So here are some of the pictures I took. I’m only sorry that my crap photography doesn’t begin to do it justice 😉

12 thoughts on “More on Monday..

  1. fireflyphil says:

    I think you’re a bit harsh on your own photography – you’re doing fine and it’s obvious that you’ve got the heart for it. I love the second row up from the bottom.


  2. Kirsty says:

    I love Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I discovered it by myself about 10 years ago, had a wonderful time there. Sadly it’s too far for us to take the kids for the day, but we’re having a tiny holiday in Leeds in August and will definitely be going. 😀

    And I think your pictures are great.


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      Oh, I’m so glad you spotted this Kirsty as I know we’ve spoken before about our mutual love of YSP. Such an amazing exhibition and my pictures honestly don’t begin to do it justice 🙂


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