Sacla’ Per Uno up for review

I was sent some of the new Per Uno sauces from Sacla’ to try recently to review here on my blog.

The idea behind the sauces is really simple, basically standard pasta sauce jars tend to be too big for one at lunch or dinner time and then the unused sauce of course ends up languishing at the back of the fridge normally until somebody remembers to throw it away! But the Per Uno jars are made to serve just one so there is of course no waste. 

We try to eat as a family as often as possible but busy family life doesn’t always make this possible every single day. My eldest children in particular seem to be here there and everywhere with clubs and activities (and let’s be honest, a social life that makes me jealous!) and these jars are perfect for such times. It’s a perfect speedy treat for one and complete with meat so paired with pasta, you can have a meal quite literally in minutes. I love using them at lunchtime too for myself and in fact, there was enough for myself and a baby portion for the little one.

I was sent both the bolognese with minced beef and smoked bacon with Italian tomato flavours and both sauces were absolutely delicious. These will definitely now be a store cupboard staple for me. There are times when I just don’t have the time to cook from scratch and these sauces fill that gap perfectly for me and I’m sure for lots of other busy families too.

These new sauces are available from July in Tesco, Asda and the Co-op.

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