Trunki Travel ToyBox up for review

We are really lucky to be sent lots of things to review here on my blog but I have to say that the Trunki Travel ToyBox really stands out as one of our absolute favourites. It has been a huge hit with both the little ones and myself. We LOVE it!

The Trunki ToyBox is so much more than a normal storage box and I think that is what it made it really stand out. You can ride on it, cart it along, use it as a rocker and it can even be connected to another ToyBox to make a train! We will definitely be buying more of these to put this to the test.

It is a really good size. Big enough to fit plenty of toys in there but small enough to be practical to travel with. I can definitely see us using this for weekends away or a day at Granny’s house. Being made from durable plastic too makes it so practical. It could be easily wiped clean if needed and it would also be perfect to taking to the beach as you could pop all of your buckets and spades in there and when you bring half of the beach home with you, it would simply brush away. Perfect.

The ToyBox we were sent is pink with a purple lid so obviously that made it an instant hit with my pink mad little girls but they also come in blue with a green lid. The lid clicks into place easily and it is really easy to convert from the ride-on position to rocker and back to storage box. So easy in fact that my three year old can do it herself. It even has a carry handle on the top of the box. They really have thought of every detail and that’s why I loved it so much. It’s perfect for at home or playing on the go.

The Trunki ToyBox costs just £19.99 and in my opinion, is worth every penny. (There is also a special offer on at the moment to buy three boxes for just £50.00 over at

*I was very kindly sent the Trunki ToyBox free of charge in return for a full and honest review but all opinions expressed here are of course strictly my own. As is the beautiful model in the photographs. I’m afraid she doesn’t come with the ToyBox.

5 thoughts on “Trunki Travel ToyBox up for review

  1. Helen at Casa Costello says:

    She is truly a lovely model! The toybox looks fab – I am currently packing our trusty pink trunkis ready for their 20 hour ferry trip x


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