BigJigs Doctors Case up for review

We were very lucky to be asked to review the BigJigs Doctors Case from the lovely folks over at and I have to say that my girls were delighted with it. The monkey? Not so much 😉

This beautiful wooden case contains pretend versions of many medical instruments including a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe and a bottle of medicine. There is even a little uniform for your aspiring doctors. This lovely toy not only encourages lots of imaginative play but it could also be used by parents who wanted to help take any fear from a doctor’s appointment. It’s such a lovely way to teach children about caring for others. Or indeed monkeys. Well maybe not 😉

I absolutely love wooden toys I have to say. They look fabulous in the nursery and they stand the test of time without a doubt. I have four children so I have seen many toys come and go over the years but I can see this being played with and passed down for years to come yet. It just doesn’t compare with its plastic counterparts. This toy is beautifully made and the quality makes it excellent value for money at just £20.95.

We absolutely loved this toy and I would whole heartedly recommend it for any other budding little doctors out there. This got a huge thumbs up from us!

*I was very kindly sent this toy free of charge for the purpose of the review but all opinions stated here are of course my own. Like you would expect anything else from me 😉 Oh, and I should state that no monkeys stuffed or otherwise were harmed during the vigorous testing of this set 😉

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