A love affair.. of sorts..

It was the love affair of the century. Or at least the decade. Or actually, maybe just the Spring of 2011.

He would spend hours and hours serenading her through the cat flap. Often all night long. Our poor neighbours! Pixie played hard to get for weeks and weeks. Even when he chased her around the garden. But she soon fell for his charms. And they were inseparable. He would call for her every single day and they would often spend hours sat on the bins together. How romantic! And then their relationship moved up a peg or two *cough* and there were several incidences of them getting jiggy in the middle of the neighbours lawn in broad daylight. Oh the shame of it!

I was convinced that he loved her. My Other Half laughed at me and insisted that there was no romance involved. Just instincts. And it turned out that he was right. A few months down the line, the stinky tom cat stopped calling for her. She would sit at the window for hours waiting for him but he never came back. My poor little hussy cat had been dumped.

Then in a couple of weeks her belly started to get bigger and bigger and my Other Half could officially say ‘I told you so.’ The deed was done. The tom cat had got his way and had left his poor pregnant child bride. My kitten was having kittens! Pixie got fatter and grumpier by the day. It seems that pregnancy hormones only heightened her already grumpy temperament.

Then on Friday evening, the in-laws were here and I was just about to serve dinner. Pixie seemed really restless and I got a sinking feeling that she was going to have her babies. So, staying true to her awkward self she decided of course that the best place to have her babies was under the dining table. (It could only happen to me….) So I tried to distract from the fact that the poor cat was pacing under the table as we ate our dinner then whisked everyone out of the room. Luckily, she waited until we had finished eating before she really got down to business or else that could have really have put us off our Heston Blumenthal sausages!

Her first little kitten came into the world within about an hour and she purred her way through the whole thing just letting out a ‘meow’ as the baby was actually born. She was an absolute star. Pixie is the least affectionate cat in the world but for the first time ever she was all over me purring and loving me and it might sound bonkers but I know that she wanted me to be there with her. And I did stay with her. I was crouched under the dining table for the whole time. Trust her to find the most uncomfortable spot in the whole house to give birth in! The next kitten came over an hour later, then after another half an hour, along came the third. Pixie was doing amazingly well and she was still purring her little head off and after the third was born I thought she was all done as she finished cleaning herself and all the kittens and they were all cuddled up. In fact, I am sure that Pixie thought she was all done too but then an hour and a half after the third kitten arrived, I had left her to snuggle with her new babies and was about to head to the shower when I heard her let out a huge ‘meow’ and there was the fourth kitten! By now, Pixie was absolutely exhausted and I had to help her break the membranes as she was very slow to react. I gently cleaned the little kitten’s face with a soft towel making sure that the nose and mouth were all clear and when it let out a little ‘mew’ it was such a huge relief. They were all here and safe.

Seeing Pixie had her babies was just incredible. I was a blubbing wreck – I don’t think I would make a very good doula! The children took it in turns to come and sneak a peek from the door and my twelve-year-old daughter who was incredibly squeamish about the whole thing to start with ended up being absolutely enthralled by it and saw the third kitten actually be born then couldn’t tear herself away. It was such a lovely thing for the children to experience I think and I’m so glad that we decided to let Pixie have this one litter.

They are all doing absolutely brilliantly. Pixie is very much the proud mama and the kittens are all feeding well. They are just adorable and I honestly don’t know how I will ever part with them. The plan was that we would keep one or maybe two but of course, I now want to keep them all! I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince my Other Half on that one yet but I have my ways πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “A love affair.. of sorts..

  1. Fishfingers for tea says:

    Oh wow! It sounds like Pixie did a fantastic job and really welcomed your support. I remember my aunt saying that when her dogs were having their pups she always knew when they wanted her to stay with them. I hope you get the solution you want with the amount that stay!


  2. Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy says:

    Aww, I loved reading this. I especially like the picture of Pixie looking mournfully at the cat flap as if she is waiting for her lost love.
    It sounds like it was a great bonding experience for you and Pixie. And what a great thing for your kids to experience too.
    And I’m not at all surprised that you want to keep them all. They are SOOO gorgeous. x


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