What’s in your handbag?

I am usually rubbish at taking part in memes but when I saw this doing the rounds over at Brit Mums I just couldn’t resist. I actually took part in a similar meme about eighteen months ago not long after I started my blog! I’m a lot bit of a bag hag and swap and change my bags around all of the time and this is my old faithful Jasper Conran handbag.

So, here we go…..

Name: (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

Number of children: 4

Blog: www.mostlyyummymummy.com

Date of photo: 1st September 2011

  • Blue sparkly pen with blue sparkly ink that I may have possibly stolen from my daughter and claimed as my own *cough*
  • My ticket to Buckingham Palace *insert excited squeals of amazement and joy here*, train tickets and tube ticket
  • ‘How To Be A Woman’ by Caitlin Moran that I intended to read on the train but I actually ended up catching up on emails and tweeting instead which is so unlike me *innocent face*
  • My lifeline iPhone with gorgeous red floral Cath Kidston cover
  • Travel sickness pills (seriously, I am thirty-something and the travel sickness from my childhood has reappeared from nowhere. What’s that all about?!)
  • Teeny umbrella that is actually really flimsy when it’s up but it fits in my bag perfectly so what’s a girl to do?
  • Hair bobble (I’m only surprised that there is only one in here)
  • Sabre toothed tiger (I’m not sure where this even came from but it’s not mine I promise!)
  • Clinique make-up bag with bare essentials including Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume (I think the contents of this is a whole other blog post!)
  • Purple and very well used Osprey purse
  • Oh and an old Costa serviette and 7p that were lurking in the bottom

I actually escaped my mummy duties for a very rare day off to go to London on Wednesday with my lovely friend Karen so the contents of my bag are definitely more ‘me’ than ‘mummy’ than it would normally be. But saying that, I still ended up with a sabre toothed tiger in there…

12 thoughts on “What’s in your handbag?

  1. jontybabe (@jontybabe) says:

    In my handbag I currently have my purse, makeup bag, a pack of playing cards (no idea why), a pair of dirty socks (not mine), a couple of doggy poo bags, a half eaten twix, some loose change and about a ton of receipts!


  2. Whole Life Fitness says:

    Right remember you asked (and I’m trying to avoid writing)
    packet of 12 coloured pencils
    work watch
    perscription sunglasses
    one girls winter hat aged 2-3, too small for my 10 month old
    pair of broken glasses in case
    ordinary sunglasses
    red purse
    charger for my HTC
    lipgloss and lipstick (never wear either)
    buzz lightyear badge with 3 on
    box of business cards
    3 pens
    hayfever pills
    an empty pack of tissues
    a top from a milk bottle
    a blue playing block
    lense case for camera
    lots of unidentifiable crumbs.

    God I’m a slob.
    Hope you enjoyed your day in London.


  3. Laura says:

    I too swap my bags about all the time, today is a beautiful bamboo handled black leather number from Paris – she’s too posh to have loads of junk in, so here is my very disciplined list:
    -Diary (I do have an iphone, but still like paper)
    -Mulberry Purse
    -Eye Test Prescription
    -Clarins Eclat Minute lip perfector

    And that’s it….I used to be a terrible slut with tons of rubbish lurking in the bottom of my bag, but now I clean each one out when I’m swapping it and put it back in it’s dustbag *goes off to polish halo*


  4. Tarryn says:

    Oooh… just remembered the nappy I changed when having a picnic this afternoon is still in the bag. Gross!


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