Back to school

Three of my brood went back to school today.

Where has this summer gone? I’m sure I must say this every year but seriously, it flew by. I actually love having them all at home. Life with four children can be non-stop. Literally. But I love it. I seriously love the hustle and bustle of having them all around.

Going back to school is always so bittersweet though.

I love seeing them all crisp and perfect in their new uniforms and shiny shoes. By the time they finish on the first day of course they look like their usual rumpled selves. But I can’t help but miss the long lazy summer holidays filled with shorts and mucky knees at the end of a long day.

I am lucky in that they all love school and seeing them full of excitement on that first morning back fills me with pride. My big, brave children going off into the big, brave world of school. But I selfishly just want to keep them at home with me forever and ever.

Every school year seems to be another huge step for us. Last year, one of my daughters started high school as another started primary school. The year before that my son started high school as another started nursery. And this year is no exception. My son is in his third year of high school now. How? Just how? My daughter in her second year of high school already. Another daughter starting Year 1 and then there’s my baby girl. She’s starting nursery later this month. Now that is going to be a killer.

For now, as much as I miss three of them going off to school (and I really do miss them!) I can’t help but cherish these days too as they are my last full days at home with my three-year old. She’s only going to nursery for a couple of hours each day. I know it will be so good for her to mix with other children before starting primary school next year. But she’s my baby! I am crying now just at the thought of it and I honestly can’t imagine being home alone even for those couple of hours. I know I am being completely selfish and I seriously need to get a grip! After being at home full-time for over five years I should be looking forward to grabbing this bit of time to myself. It’s just that right now, I am really struggling to find that silver lining.

Every school year just seems to be passing at lightning speed and sometimes it would be nice if things could just slow down a little. My beautiful children are growing up so fast and the most bittersweet thing of all is loving every minute of that but yet wanting to hit that pause button so I can enjoy them just as they are for that little bit longer.

15 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    I so understand where you are coming from. There seems to be a group of woman (why do women always judge and criticise other women) who think I am mad and sad for missing my children when they are at school


  2. ali says:

    Glad it is not just me 🙂 my two back to school today, hence having time to comment on blogs again ! But I love to just have mine at home too, 3.30 can’t come fast enough but like you it would be great to slow down time just a bit! My youngest is in year 6 and oh my am I not looking forward to him being at Comp (high school!) and Bex like one of your is in her second year which I think how did that happen.

    Enjoy your few weeks with your little one XXXX


  3. PirateMum (@piratemum) says:

    You’re not on your own… loads of mums on the school yard are not really ready for the kids to go back to school yet (even if they are saying they’re glad of the peace and quiet!).
    Why does it seem to be that you ‘should’ be seen to be glad to be rid of your lovely, fun-to-be-with children? Sounds crazy to me, but hey-ho, that’s life! Enjoy them when they’re little, they’re not like it for long.
    So… I, for one of many, will indeed enjoy having some child-free space in my day to get various jobs done a lot quicker, but I will certainly be glad to see 3.30pm when my three ”tornadoes” return with their news of the day!
    Just think, it’s only a few weeks to some half term fun…. bring it on! 😉


  4. Not Just A Mummy says:

    my eldest started school today, ive been clockwatching wondering how hes getting on, his brother is missing him, quite a few friends have children starting at the same school too. i posted a blog yesterday about school preparations and where had the time gone


  5. catparrott says:

    Tomorrow my 3 year old moves into Pre-school from Nursery. He looks so gorgeous and grown up in his uniform and I’m really proud of him but I think that if I wasn’t looking after the baby I’d be sobbing about him growing up! Maybe you should just have another one 😉


  6. Jess says:

    I feel the same as you do for sure!I’ve waited all day long for my little one to come home from juniors.I would keep them all at home if I could


  7. janeblackmore says:

    I blog extensively about how much I adore school, (but secretly – and dont tell anyone) I do quite like having them at home. Playing barbies is no fun on your own.

    and as for the baby I cant even imagine not having her around!


  8. Louise says:

    Oh I could cry reading this! My eldest are twins, my son has just started an apprenticeship and and my daughter is just applying for university. My youngest has just gone back to year 10. I’ve been looking through old photos and I wish I could turn the clock back because I loved having them little at home with me. Make the most of every day as time goes far too quickly.


  9. Neil says:

    Loving being without your kids is really cool because when they reach 18/21 they will come back and spend time with you being the lovely creatures that they were a decade earlier……no really they will…..what happens to other people won’t happen to you….

    You’re not wrong….and yes….I’m a sarcastic git…….


  10. Corinne says:

    I completely understand how you feel. My eldest has just gone back into year 8! I used to teach year 8, my little boy can’t be one of them!! Luckily I’m still at the at home stage with my 2 youngest, but I know this time will fly by. Big hugs x


  11. Emma says:

    My biggest starts school tomorrow. Its lovely to see him being so ready for it, but so sad that my baby boy is so grown up!


  12. Sarah Eastes (@sarah_eastes) says:

    I completely support you in what you say. I hate my two going to school, I miss them terribly.

    Mine went back to school today, and I managed to plan to go on a course so that I wasnt just sitting at home worrying and fussing about them being missing.

    Having them away…all of them for you, is hard. I still find it hard and now my youngest is in Year 2. I find that I have to plan to do something EVERY day, otherwise the day drags and I end up feeling miserable.

    Still it isnt long to go until the half term holiday!!!


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