(Mostly) Yummy Mummy mostly loves..

This week, (Mostly) Yummy Mummy mostly loves..

..my perfect new shiny boots!

You can guarantee that the change of seasons means that there is That One Thing that I must have. I will search high and low in every single shop and trawl the internet and normally I have such a fixed idea about what I want that I don’t stand a chance of actually finding That One Thing.

Rewind a couple of weeks and the bloody poor excuse for aΒ Summer was coming to an end and I was thinking about boots for the Autumn ahead. I wanted just good every day boots. Knee high. Preferably flat. In black patent leather. Boots that would go with everything. That’s not much to ask, right?


After much (and I really do mean MUCH) searching (who knew there were so many awful boots out there to reject? Fussy? Moi?) I found them. I found my That One Thing of the season. Right there in my beloved LK Bennett. The most perfect pair of boots I had ever laid my eyes on and they ticked all of the boxes. But this being me, it wasn’t quite that simple of course. It seems that I wasn’t the only one who wanted perfect black patent flat knee high (definitely non-hooker) boots. There were none in my size in that store. I did seriously consider squeezing my feet into a Size 3 or wearing enough socks to fit into a Size 8, I was that desperate to have them. The super lovely sales assistant tried to order some more in my size but there were none available. She checked other northern stores but still there were none. I could have honestly cried (yes, I would cry over boots – these are no ordinary boots!) My Other Half took pity on me and he then spent the morning on the phone to just about every LK Bennett store in the land until he found the very last pair in my size in a London store. Hoorah! And they very kindly arranged to have them couriered to me and they arrived the very next day!

I love them I love them I love them I love them!

I’m afraid the photos don’t even begin to do them justice but imagine the most perfect patent black leather flat knee high boots in the world and you’re almost there πŸ˜‰Β 

35 thoughts on “(Mostly) Yummy Mummy mostly loves..

  1. karen jones says:

    All is now right with the world.

    You kill me, you funny, lovely lady.

    by the way those are some killer boots. More L.K. Bennett ! Will you wear them with the Wrap dress ? xxxx


  2. Karen says:

    Oh I love this post. I’ve just had a similar experience buying a winter coat. I left it too late last year and couldn’t source my ‘perfect’ one so was determined not to make that mistake this year.
    OH couldn’t understand why I was coat shopping at the end of August but I found one eventually and it arrived yesterday! Just need the temperature to drop a few more degrees now….
    You know, I think it would look perfect with a nice new pair of shiny boots…


  3. Fran (MultipleMumma) says:

    I think they are just the most perfect boots! Have been lusting after a pair of black patent, flat, non hooker boots for a while. In fact ever since I saw the Chanel pair and couldn’t squeeze them out of Mr Bunny. These may just make it onto Santas list this year, gorgeous!


  4. AmsterdaMummy says:

    I have been looking for black patent boots for 2 years now, not a sausage over here in Amsterdam, they don’t have much fashion sense the dutch, it’s all can-I-ride-a-bike-in-the-rain-in-this-outfit-sense… I hope I’m not too late, but I’m going to look online now, get them delivered to my mams for when I come home for the New Year, I almost lived in the LK Bennet shop when I lived in London, never thought to shop online! Fingers crossed.


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