No mother should die because they don’t have a midwife.

No child should die because they can’t see a nurse.

Health workers save lives.

Save The Children are calling on David Cameron to put health workers at the heart of his government’s plans to reduce the number of child deaths and to take a lead on this globally. Investing UK aid in health workers really is one of the most effective ways to save children’s lives.

In the world’s poorest countries there is a critical shortage of health workers. Every year 8 million children under five die needlessly. Many because their mothers have to give birth alone. Many more from illnesses like pneumonia and diarrhoea because they simply can’t get the treatment they need.

No child should die simply because they are too poor to see a doctor or nurse.

Now is the time for action.

Please spare a few moments of your time to sign the petition and end the health worker crisis.

I am a mother of four children. I am so very blessed. I am lucky enough to be able to take it for granted that we have health care available to us because of the country that we live in. I can’t imagine not having access to that medical care. I can’t imagine having to watch a child die because they don’t have access to a health worker.

Doctors, nurses and midwives are vital to help children survive as without them, there are no vaccines, no life saving drugs can be prescribed and no woman can be given expert help during childbirth. There is a massive shortfall of health workers and when world leaders meet at the United Nations on Tuesday, Save The Children will be there to call on David Cameron to set an example to the rest of the world. Please add your voice by signing the petition and help make this happen.

Now is the time for action.


Mummy from the Heart and Hello It’s Gemma are holding a blog hop and they have set a challenge of 100 bloggers to write just 100 words before Save The Children meet with the UN on Tuesday to try and encourage as many people as we can to sign the petition. You can find out more here

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