Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty up for review

I was a teenager of the 90’s and I was absolutely obsessed with all things fashion, beauty and of course, all things supermodel.  I was Cindy Crawford’s number one stalker fan and I may or may not have given myself a beauty spot using an eyeliner so that I looked just like Cindy which then smudged and made me the laughing stock of the sixth form common room *cough*

Whilst my penchant for fake beauty spots may have waned over the years, my obsession for all things beauty has not and when I was asked to give the new range from Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty a try, I jumped at the chance of course.

The set that I was sent was the Meaningful Beauty Age Maintenance System which is a comprehensive kit that promises to moisturise, protect, hydrate and rejuvenate. And honestly? It didn’t disappoint. I spend a disproportionate amount of time at the beauty counters and probably far too much of my Other Half’s hard-earned money feeding my beauty habit so I don’t say this lightly. But I absolutely loved this kit. My skin was left feeling totally rejuvenated and looking great.

Cleanse The Skin Softening Cleanser was really gentle. I often find cleansers can irritate my skin but this felt really gentle yet left my skin feeling super soft and clean as it promised. It had a really lovely creamy texture which left my skin feeling clean but without feeling tight or dry.

Maintenance 1 The Daily Moisture (SPF8) is to be used after cleansing and comes in a really handy pump bottle that I loved. I found that a little went a long way with this product and the featherweight formula felt really smooth and silky on the skin. It is said to help to smooth and brighten your complexion and it protects as it moisturises. I loved it. It left my skin perfectly moisturised.

Maintenance 2 The Night Fluide again comes in the pump bottle and is to be applied after cleansing on a night. This left my skin feeling really soft but it felt really lightweight. I hate night creams that are too heavy and leave my skin feeling greasy and this definitely did not.

Eyes The Eye Creme is specifically designed for the gentle eye area and it promises to help smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I found it to be really soothing and I used this after cleansing and moisturising morning and night. It comes in quite a small tube but you only need to pat on a small amount and my skin definitely felt revitalised.

Masque The Facial Masque was a real treat! I have been using this twice a week for 20 minutes (usually while I do my Slendertone ‘workout’ – now there is a mental image that you wish you didn’t have!) I have been using it on my whole face but you can just use it on your T-zone area if you prefer. I found that the masque rinsed away really easily with warm water and left my skin feeling fabulous. It promises to deep clean and revive stressed out skin. Dry dead surface skin cells are lifted to leave your skin glowing. This definitely felt like a facial in a tube!

Decollete The Decollete and Neck Creme feels absolutely gorgeous on the skin. This is an area that so many people neglect but it is of course often where we age first. It has an extra silky formula that helps to firm and moisturise your skin and it just feels like such a treat. I used a small amount on the neck and chest area every evening.

Glowing Serum The Skin Revitalising Serum was probably my favourite of all the kit. It’s designed to smooth and condition to help revitalise the skin and it did just that. It transformed my dull tired skin into fresh glowing skin in an instant. It comes in a tiny bottle but honestly, one pump goes a surprisingly long way.

Meaningful Beauty Introductory Kit like the one I was kindly sent to review is available online at for just £29.99 (plus P&P) and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. 

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