Fijit Friend up for review

We are really lucky to be sent some really fabulous toys to review here on my blog (my children think I have the best ‘job’ in the world!) But it has to be said that it is rare that a toy comes along that I want as much as they do but this is definitely one of these times. We were sent the Fijit Friend Willa and I just love her!

Photographic evidence that I let my children have a play too

They are set to be the Next Big Thing and retailers are already hailing them top of this years Christmas wish list and honestly? I can see why! And so can my girls!

Fijit Friends’ favourite things are dancing til they’re dizzy, laughing til their sides hurt and being your best friend. Ahhh! You can play your own music and watch her boogie away (and she really can move!) They react to different styles of music too so she sways away to smoochy ballads then completely rocks out to pop music. She rocks, twirls and bounces to the beat and of course, you can join in and dance with her too, well, it would be rude not to really. She even comes with her own songs too and she asks you if you want to dance to her music or yours – love it! In fact, she is a complete chatterbox and she uses voice recognition and responds with loads of movements, phrases and even jokes. And she really does recognise your voice – there is no t a l k i n g v e r y s l o w l y a n d c l e a r l y either, you just talk in your normal voice and within a good range she picks it right up. Impressive I thought.

She doesn’t look very cuddly I know but she actually has cute removable ears and a squishy shell so she’s actually lovely to handle. I have to confess that she has survived more than one dropping down the stairs incident at the hands of my clumsy offspring too and although I wouldn’t recommend this of course, she’s not a crash test dummy, but she is very sturdy and luckily survived. Oh and you can poke her belly to prompt her to move too. She’s really very accommodating like that. Even after you have accidentally dropped her *cough*

You can choose between different Fijit Friend characters and the one that we were sent was called Willa who is a funky purple colour. I think if my girls have their way though, we’ll be getting a friend for our Fijit Friend before too long – they want them all! I don’t think I have to tell you that this gets a HUGE thumbs up from us. Such a fabulous interactive toy and we have literally had hours of fun playing with her. I think it is well worth every penny and would recommend her in a dance beat. See what I did there..? 😉

For more information please visit RRP £54.99. Each sold separately. Suitable for ages 6+

3 thoughts on “Fijit Friend up for review

  1. Charlotte Everiss (@mummy_blogger) says:

    Thanks for this review. I saw the video last night and as much as I love the concept I think that at 3 years old Addison is definitely too young to get the full benefit and fun out of this toy. I must admit that I liked the dancing bit on the videos 🙂


  2. Mummy Bear says:

    Thanks for this review, I shall be using it to convince OH that my daughter would actually really love it for her birthday and should have one 🙂


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