What I Wore Wednesday

The super lovely Blondie over at Transatlantic Blonde has come up with a fab new idea called What I Wore Wednesday and I just couldn’t resist joining in. The idea is that we share any outfit from the week and then join in with the linky over on her blog. Simples!

So here I am today sporting my mummy uniform of skinny jeans and ballet flats. I am loving coloured jeans right now (although they are quite tricky to sneak into my wardrobe under the old ‘What, these old things?’ line to my Other Half) I’d say this outfit is really typical of me too in that it is a mix of designer and high street.

Β Β Black cardigan – Ralph Lauren

Black vest – H&M

White feather scarf – M&S

Cobalt blue skinny jeans – M&S

Leopard print ballet flats – Next

31 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Anne says:

    Love the jeans, are they really that bright?
    Always glamorous but aren’t your feet freezing? I am wearing cosy bamboo (feel fabulous) socks and boots.


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      I know! I only popped in for urgent tonic water supplies (I don’t do straight gin) and I spotted them and just couldn’t resist! They do loads of different colours and they are super comfy πŸ™‚


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      Oh no, I did what I’m wearing today because I’m not just organised enough to plan ahead! Hehe! But the idea behind Blondie Girl’s meme is that you can link up on Wednesday but share any outfit from that week πŸ™‚


  2. richmondmummy says:

    Those jeans are fab! I am loving some bright red jeans I bought at Gap recently, but struggle to find the right thing to pair them with so am still experimenting! Looking a very stylish mummy – well done you. I am too ashamed to post “what I wore wednesday” (or indeed any other day…) but may try in the future – will be a good incentive to smarten up! xx


  3. Whattillysaid says:

    I love the jeans!!! Colbalt blue is my favourite colour. Can I ask how tall you are though? Only as I am 5ft4 with short legs and find skinnys a bit of a problem……

    A trip to M&S is in order I think!!
    L x


  4. Whole Life Fitness says:

    Loving the jeans, am envious of people who are able to rock the coloured skinny jean look at the moment, thanks to my rugby player thighs this will never be a look I can carry off. Have you ever had your colours done?


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      I’m not entirely sure that I can carry them off if I’m being honest but I love them anyway πŸ˜‰
      No, I’ve never had my colours done before. Have you? I find that kind of thing fascinating!


      • Whole Life Fitness says:

        Yes! My H thinks it’s a load of bollocks but my parents gave it to me as a b’day pressie.
        It has made me try clothes that I would never looked at before whilst seeing that black makes me look like a zombie. For instance this scarf http://www.warehouse.co.uk/zoe-floral-scarf/All-Accessories/warehouse/fcp-product/305365 I would never have picked up in a million years before but it’s one of my colors so I tried it and it makes my face glow with health when I wear it (plus have had tons of compliments whilst wearing it).
        (p.s it doesn’t mean you have to throw away all your wardrobe, I have a black body warmer which I don’t intend to get rid of I just make sure I wear it with a scarf that is one of my colors IYSWIM)


  5. Melaina25 says:

    Love it! I wish I could rock scarves without looking like a poser! For anyone else who wants to link up it can be any outfit you’ve worn over the past week! The link stays open until next Wednesday, too!


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