Make mine a babyccino

When I was little (and it really wasn’t all that long ago!) trips to a café with my Mum were few and far in between and when we did, I used to share half of her toasted fruit teacake and be allowed to finish off her cup of coffee which was normally thick and sickly sweet full of undissolved sugar. Mmmm nice. Thanks Mum 😉

Imagine what my little three year old babyccino swigging friend would make of that? Anything less than an espresso cup of foam and sprinkles and a Loacker wafer on the side and I think she would be straight on her pink plastic iPhone to report me to social services.

Last week we were out and about and as we headed into our usual coffee house haunt she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Mummy, that lady is sitting in our seat. Tell her, Mummy! TELL HER!”

It seems that she can be very loud when she wants to be. And has also perfected the art of pointing fingers at chair stealing women.

I, on the other hand quickly learnt how to smile apologetically at the bemused chair stealing women and offered up half of my panini as a consolation prize to my little dictator for not getting the best seat in the house.

I fear I may have created a monster. I just honestly cannot think where she gets it from *cough*

16 thoughts on “Make mine a babyccino

  1. AnEssexWife says:

    Glad its not just me that has these ‘situations’ occur. My MIL asked our 2 year old where she wanted to go on Saturday and clear as day Scarlett replied ‘Starbucks for cake and coffee pleeeeeaaassseee Nanny’

    I also have created a monster – and I’m with you on this, I just don’t know where she gets it from?!?


  2. Jackie Humphreys says:

    Love, love, love!
    If it’s any consolation, my two boys display similar creamy froth tendencies.
    Cafe society kids eh?
    As you say, can’t imagine where they get it from *blushes*


  3. Chatty Baby says:

    We don’t have a regular seat (Daddy would be cross so Mummy cleverly takes me to different places to avoid such outbursts when I’m old enough) but I do love a good babyccino! Granny thought it was hilarious when she saw drinking my coffee like the big girls.


  4. Alysonsblog says:

    Haha this tickled me as I have one just the same. We were in a cafe whinging amongst the grown up how long the food was taking, the waitress approached and Lucy said LOUDLY, well it’s about time and actually rolled her eyes.. The waitress was shocked and not in a good way


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