Five things that you (probably) never knew about me

Five things that you probably never knew about me..

..and probably never wanted to know anyway.

1. I save the little elastic bands from spring onions. I have a section of the cutlery drawer full of them. I’ve never actually used them for anything but I just can’t bear to throw them away. Just in case.

2.Β I don’t watch any soaps on television. Well, except for Hollyoaks that is. I record it so that I can watch it while I do the ironing every day. Although now I’m starting to wish they would put some bloody clothes on and starting to fancy the characters dads, I think it might be about time to admit that I am in fact far too ancient to continue with this guilty pleasure.

3. I never ever have unpainted toe nails. Other than in between taking one nail varnish off to put on another, I don’t think I’ve ever had naked toe nails in my whole adult life. They just look, well, naked without.

4. I’m as blind as a bat but always take my glasses off to brush my teeth. I wear contact lenses normally as I’m just too chicken to do the whole laser thing *shudder* but morning and night, as I’m getting ready, I wear my glasses. But for some reason always take them off when brushing my teeth.

5. I still know all of the words to Especially For You. This may or may not be related to the huge crush I had on Jason Donovan circa 1988 which led me to making a tape of umm, just this song. Over and over and over again.

So there you have it. Five things that you never (probably) knew about me and five minutes of your life that you will (definitely) never get back. You’re welcome.

36 thoughts on “Five things that you (probably) never knew about me

  1. theperfectbadmummy says:

    5 reasons I love you even more. Especially as I am the same with toe nails and especially for you!!


  2. Ali says:

    Funny to read this, as after confessing that as a child I used to eat toilet paper (clean I might add!) to my children last night I was going to do something similar!!!

    I also always have painted toe nails and never watch soaps and keep elastic bands.

    But especially for you is for ‘you’ Jason Donovan was always far to in love with Kylie to waste my crushes on him!!!! xxx


  3. thesingingmummy says:

    Ahhh I am so glad I am not the only grown up that watches Hollyoaks….I like you record it everyday to watch……however I have another guilty TV pleasure – Neighbours….yes I know very sad!! But I love em!!


  4. PhotoPuddle says:

    I always used to keep the rubber bands the postman dropped on the floor but they never seem to do that any more. I imagine they’ve been told not to.
    And I don’t watch soaps either. Hollyoaks was actually the last to go.


  5. Kate (@ShrewUntamed) says:

    I think I love you.

    Although also batblind here, I often find myself attempting to do entire morning school dash ritual stuff without specs because I’ve forgotten that I can use them to see clearly. This may be related to my significant levels of sleep deprivation!

    However, HOLLYOAKS?? Weirdo. πŸ˜‰



    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      Not as much as I love you! And thank you for joining in – I loved your five although I am intrigued to learn more about the Official Secrets Act but I’m guessing you won’t be able to spill the beans πŸ˜‰


  6. Midlife Singlemum says:

    Hilarious that there were days we had to record the same song over and over rather than just pressing ‘repeat’. As for soaps – watch one of them for long enough and the same stories start coming round again.


  7. itsamumsworld says:

    Omg, numbers 3, 4 and 5 are me! Blind as a bat but always brush my teeth blind, painted toes even in Uggs and Especially for You not only I know it, but my husband does too, when we first got together, we sang it at karaoke, and it was nearly our first dance song! I can even do that weird thing Kylie does when she sings “I wanna ring out all the love inside you!” However I have no spring onion elastics, and have to confess to being a right soap addict. Five out of five would’ve just been weird though lol! x


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