Disney On Ice up for review

I was really lucky to be asked along to see Disney On Ice’s new Worlds of Fantasy show with my children last week. Even the promise of popcorn wasn’t enough to make my teenage son join us though so it was an all girls event!

The little ones were so excited as they have never seen an ice show before. From the very start, my girls were absolutely captivated. The look on their little faces as Mickey Mouse first skated out on to the ice was just absolutely priceless. The show took us to magical fantasy worlds from all our favourite Disney films including Cars 2, The Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell and Toy Story 3 and there were appearances in between the film scenes from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

First up was Cars 2 and before the show I wondered how they would do it but it was actual cars on the ice. Well, actual cars with blinking eyes in fact! I was amazed – never mind the children! And when Lightning McQueen came speeding out on to the ice the audience just went crazy cheering. The atmosphere was just incredible.

Next up was The Little Mermaid which happens to be my five year old’s favourite of all the Disney princesses. The skaters had the most amazing costumes and we were transported to an amazing underwater kingdom as Ariel took to the ice with Flounder and some amazing sea creatures. It was an absolute feast for the eyes. Sebastian the crab had the audience clapping along to Under The Sea which was fab. I think this really helped to keep my younger ones feel involved and of course it made for a great atmosphere too. I have to say that my three year old is terrified of Ursula when we watch the film so I wasn’t sure how she would react when she came skating out (she was very graceful to say that she had eight legs) but the way the character was played made her more funny than scary which I have to say was a relief!

Next we were taken to Pixie Hollow with Tinker Bell and her friends. The ice skating in this scene was just amazing like they were real fairies in fact. Dancing, spinning and even flying across the stage. Queen Clarion had the most amazing dress and her entrance was just breathtaking, as was all the fairy dust! In the story the fairies were preparing for spring and the fast flying fairy Vidia tried to trick poor Tinker Bell into ruining everything. The dancing was just mesmerising and it was such a lovely little tale, all coming good in the end of course.

Then there was a short interval in the show which is great of course for small children. I’m not sure that my two little ones could have lasted the whole two hours without that break as they do get fidgety. That said, it was a short enough break not to spoil the flow of the show too and no sooner had we stretched our legs to buy a bucket of popcorn bigger than their heads, then it was showtime again.

The second half started with Toy Story 3 and I have to say that this was my favourite part of the show. I absolutely loved the film (and of course blubbed like a baby at it) and way the story was translated in to an ice show was just fabulous. It was really cleverly done and the dancing was the best of show. There was an incredible scene with the toy soldiers and it was just captivating. And I have to say that the cheer that Buzz Lightyear received when he came out on to the ice even topped the amazing response that Lightning McQueen got! The funniest part was the scene with Barbie and Ken but the whole thing was just incredible. It really does have to be seen to be believed.

We absolutely loved the show and had the most incredible time. I loved how each of the scenes was a story in itself and then it was all tied together by the appearance of Mickey and his friends in between. I think it worked really well. With so many favourites appearing in the show too, there really was something for everyone – boys and girls, young and old. The music, dancing, special effects – all of it – was just incredible. It was an absolute feast for the eyes and my children were captivated from start to finish. As was I! I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

We saw the Worlds of Fantasy show in Sheffield but it has finished there now but further tour stops in the UK include Nottingham from 17-20th November and Dublin from 26th December-1st January 2012. There are further details over on the official site here.

 *Huge thanks to the lovely people over at Disney for providing us with the tickets to go and see the show and also thanks to the very helpful staff at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena for taking such good care of us. 

5 thoughts on “Disney On Ice up for review

  1. sadie jones says:

    I’ve seen most of the disney on ice shows with my daughter whos 11 now and we enjoyed every single one ,we even did high school musical ( my husband came with 6 eight year old girls and their mums ) he almost enjoyed it ,he just said he’d never heard that much screaming in his life


  2. Honest Mum says:

    Looks absolutely amazing and I love being able to use the excuse that I have children just so I can go and see spectacles like this! And you know, sit on Santa’s knee. That’s allowed right? Fab, fab, fab!


  3. Powdered Almond says:

    Hi, I just stumbled across your lovely blog looking for reviews of Disney on Ice – I am sooooooooo excited now after your review! Am going tomorrow with my little girl, can’t wait! Thank you for this! 🙂 x


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