What I Wore Wednesday

Okay, so for those of you not in the know, the super lovely Blondie over at Transatlantic Blonde has come up with the idea of a fab new linky called What I Wore Wednesday. The idea couldn’t be simpler, just share any outfit from that week then grab the badge and join in with the linky over on her blog.

So here I am…

Slouchy over sized top – H&M

Vest underneath – Topshop

Dark indigo skinny jeans – Next

Charm bracelet – Merci Maman

Leopard print handbag – Julien Macdonald

Okay so this week I bring you What I Wore Wednesday the-I’m-dying-of-mummy-flu-and-don’t-plan-on-going-anywhere-edition *sniffle*

This big slouchy top was a bargain from H&M. It is basically a big square sack with armholes in and is the comfiest thing in the world (although it was unexpectedly very see through too, hence the vest underneath!) But that said, layering it up with a vest only makes it even cosier.

The jeans from Next are really dark and super skinny. Love ’em. Although I do have a tendency to live in the things.

The gorgeous bracelet is the one that I was sent from Merci Maman to review here and I will treasure it forever. The band is a lovely natural colour so it matches perfectly with the nude coloured top. I might be poorly sick and dying but I still manage to coordinate my accessories *snort*

Bare feet so no shoes to share. I am wearing a gorgeous Leighton Denny pink nail varnish called Babydoll on my toes though that came in last month’s Glossybox. Oh and the leopard print bag by Julien Macdonald that’s hanging on the wardrobe? I didn’t even realise that it was on there until I came to upload the picture 😉

So that was me, I hope some of you will join in with the fun too. And don’t forget to click on the badge below to take a look at the other entries over at Transatlantic Blonde this week!

12 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Honest Mum says:

    Love the bracelet. I’m obsessed with my Links of London one but I need to branch out. That jumper looks so comfy too. Think I’d wear it to bed! x


  2. Jen at nonstopmama says:

    Oooh, am off to H&M to check out the slouchy tops – even if not the same as the bargain you snapped up, having trouble finding a really loose one to go over leggings and skinny jeans/trousers (as in, need to ‘skim’ and hide the top section of!!) – checked out Gap but all quite shaped and fitted this season, too – really after a tunic-style that flows and gets that sort of look. Today wore something v. similar, but jumper not quite long enough so hid under a duvet coat for school run!! Thanks for style tips! 🙂


  3. Glasgow Mummy says:

    Wow, you look great for being ill! Today I’m in scabby jeans & hubby’s old jumper as I’m painting again!! Love Next jeans at the moment – such good value – and lucky for me some of them come in a 36″ inside leg 🙂


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      I’m loving Next jeans at the moment too. For me the waist is in just the right place if that makes sense – not too low, not too high. Can I just say that I am also incredibly jealous of your long legs?! x


  4. Melaina25 says:

    I think that shirt is the kind of top I need to pair with the leggings in black! Hope you are feeling better soon and I hope all you other commenters pop over and join in, too!


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