Bye bye mojo.. Hello sofa..

I think my body has gone into hibernation mode.

I had a really bad cold recently which meant that I wasn’t well enough to work out but if I’m being honest, I haven’t done any exercise for weeks and weeks now.

I got into the habit of working out about five times a week earlier this year and I felt great for it. I started out wanting to shift a few inches, which I did, but it became so much more. Just that half an hour to myself at the end of every day was such a huge stress buster and I was feeling healthier than I ever had before. I was actually enjoying exercising for probably the first time in my adult life.

But since Winter crept in and along came those cold dark nights, once I get the little ones to bed, I just want to soak in the bath with my nose in a book then curl up on the sofa with a stiff G&T nice cup of tea. The thought of just having to get changed, let alone actually work out, just doesn’t appeal. At all.

I think being able to hide away in jeans and jumpers makes it easy not to think about those inches that I worked so hard to get off, creep back on again. Not that they have yet. But no doubt they will. The exercise that I was doing was about maintaining the size that I had got to. And I was feeling so good about my weight or actually more to the point – not caring about my weight. And I really don’t want to go back to the whole hating the way that I look thing. They were bloody miserable days. But honestly? The pull of cosy nights on the sofa are greater than anything else right now. Is that such a bad thing?

I think half of the problem is that fact that I have to work out at night. I just don’t know how I can possibly fit it into my day any other way though. I’m up and out for the school run every morning and trust me, getting up any earlier is really not an option. My youngest two are still playing musical beds most nights so every second of sleep I can get counts. Then my mornings are spent with my three year old and although I’m sure she’d happily play or even watch me exercise, that’s not really how I want to spend our time together. The afternoons when my three year old is at nursery generally pass in a blur of housework and if I’m lucky, time to write but before I know it I’m back out on the school run so there is just not enough time. Then of course I have all four of them at home and it is generally mayhem until I can get them all to bed. So I’m not sure that there is any other time to fit it in to be honest.

So how do you do it? How do you keep your exercise mojo going on these miserable dark winter days? Or are you hibernating on the sofa with me..?

15 thoughts on “Bye bye mojo.. Hello sofa..

  1. from_fun_to_mum (@from_fun_to_mum) says:

    OMG, my thoughts exactly! I worked hard in the summer to exercise with a fantastic personal trainer, I was feeling great about my weight loss and my fitness level in general. Two months ago he had to put a pause on our sessions as he is got something big on and winter came…I also find it hard to leave the house in the dark evenings to go to the gym, so the sofa it is for now. I am terrified about the kilos creeping back and Christmas lunches and what not, so I know that I might allow myself one more month of laziness, but come January, I’ll be back in those sport bras…because Spring will just be around the corner then (or at least one hopes)


  2. mummylawyer says:

    I am totally on the sofa in denial. I’ve never been excited about exercise but have kind of done what I needed to. But during my second pregnancy daughter was squashing my lungs so badly that I just didn’t want to do anything as I couldn’t breathe. So I didn’t. She’s now 21 months and I’ve been saying I need to do something for some time but just don’t. I need to lose weight and I need to be healthier but somehow I’m not doing anything about it. Then I beat myself up for not doing it and feel generally worse 😦

    Like you once the evenings are dark and children are in bed I’m on my news and can do no more than crawl into the bath or onto the sofa. If I want to do something before the school fun or work I’ve got to be up at 6. Neither are appealing at all. And because of that I remain seriously frigging cross with myself.


  3. Honest Mum says:

    I know exactly how you feel. The pull of the sofa is at an all time high when sunlight’s at an all time low. I love the feeling of well being when I exercise and the last few weeks of non stop birthday cake consumption has meant tighter jeans so I’m getting back on that treadmill. Pronto.


  4. Whole Life Fitness says:

    Have to admit I’m struggling as well, after a 10miler last Sunday I have done SFA, I had a bad chest cold last week and this morning my nose won’t stop running (more like an allergy than a cold but not sure how in my own house!)
    I recommend you buy the 30 Day shred it’s a 30minute exercise routine (including warm up) which means you can shoehorn it into the tightest time day. Plus – it works.You don’t have to do it every day as it recommends just when you can’t be bothered to do your normal routine or are short of time. I put it on my laptop and the children in front of the TV for 30minutes.


  5. Kate says:

    Same here! I think it’s more a Xmas thing rather than winter though. Maybe have December off and start again in jan, that’s what I’m planning to do! (ps, you’re stunningly gorgeous anyway!)



  6. mummyratesit says:

    Oh yes, sounds very familiar. I’ve only got two kids so goodness knows how you manage with four!! Last year when my youngest was in nursery in the afternoons I used to get the bus with her there and then walk home sometimes I even took the bike and squashed her legs into the bike seat. Bike riding’s prob not advisable when it’s slippery out though.
    Now mine are both at school i’ve been doing Zumba in the mornings (I did do it in the evenings last year). I love it because as well as feeling like you’ve had a good workout it’s more like dancing at the disco. I find myself doing the moves in the kitchen, radio blasting, whilst cooking dinner. Maybe give that a go?It’s very sociable as well, lots of groups of friends seem to go. Can you do something on the weekend? I found a really good Bootcamp that runs first thing on a Saturday morning which you can dip in and out of as you please. Have a good search, i’m sure you’ll find something (if you can be bothered!!) If not, feet up and enjoy the cosy times and get active again in January. You’re not alone. Promise!!


  7. Rox says:

    Go after you drop off your 3yr old at nursery then its done, you feel great and you can crack on with the house chores, finishing off whatever didnt get done later that day or evening when someone else is around to help/watch the kids.

    The dusting, it’ll keep… the house wont go to pot because you take 30mins off and do some exercise… your moral and body image tho will be what gets to you, more than a washing load that didnt get put away until the next day.

    I exercise loads but i dont especially enjoy going in the evenings either, certainly not in winter… so, i mix it up – i exercise in the day and fold my laundry/do my ironing/check the bank at night, in front of the telly, happy that i already did what i needed to earlier.

    ..but im a gym nut and tbh, looking trim and fitting into my new size is far more important than sweeping the downstairs floors ;o)


  8. Egg dip dip says:

    I am firmly on the sofa! To many illnesses and sleep deprivation are not conducive to exercise. I just don’t know how people do it. Even my dh, who is super-fit marathon-man has succumbed to the lure of the sofa. We’ll get our groove back soon…I’m sure we will.


  9. Mum2Four says:

    I worked really hard earlier in the year but then fell into the holiday trap at the beginning of August, that was until I pulled my jeans on 3 weeks ago & they were a little tight!
    That gave me the incentive to get off my bum & out of bed at 6am every week day morning to do 50 minutes on my cross trainer. This means the exercise is done before the kids are up & before I go to work.


  10. Mummygadgetgeek says:

    I’m firmly on the sofa, except for the odd Friday when I manage buggy fitness – which normally then results in extended extra time on the sofa resting my poor tired legs!


  11. alysonsblog says:

    yup me too – I think its the advent of all the woolly jumpers, leggings and tights that do it – with less opps to bear flesh its kinda out of sight out of mind here!


  12. Glasgow Mummy says:

    I went out in the wind & rain on Sunday morning and ran 8.6 miles with my running club. I think I must be insane! I’ve still got personal trainer & having fortnightly sessions. I also do a Pilates class and running club. Other than that my exercise is running about after the kiddies & doing house stuff. I find classes easier than just going to the gym but like you it’s finding the time. Weather has impacted a lot on my running. I was going 2-3 times a week but it’s just too dark now & not safe either for me to run alone.


  13. mummyratesit says:

    After posting the other day I felt a bit lardy. Time, or lack of, I dug around and found my old Davina DVDs. There’s one called My 30 mins workouts. I’ve done two so far. So thanks, for making me do something and perhaps ebay and see if you can find them? xx


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