I bloody love Christmas

I bloody love Christmas. And today is of course 1st December so I am officially allowed to be excited from here on in! Whoooop!

I’m trying not to think about the fact that I am not nearly as organised with the shopping as I would like to be. Every year I swear I will start in January but I never do. To be honest, the thought of putting things aside all year long sounds far too grown up and much too like my mother and it is never going to happen – who am I kidding?! Besides which, I rather like the whole run up to Christmas and the chaos of it all. For me, it’s just part of the excitement! I must confess though, that as the children went back to school in September, I did promise myself that I would make a start so that I wasn’t quite as last minute as I normally am and I planned on getting all my shopping done by the end of November so I could enjoy December. And back in September, that seemed like a reasonable thing to achieve but is it just me or did October and November just seem to disappear in a flash? So here I am, as disorganised as ever!

But the best thing about today? It’s 1st December so I’m officially allowed to listen to Christmas music. Please don’t judge me too harshly. My ringtone on my iPhone has been changed to The Darkness’ Don’t Let The Bells End (yes really) and I shall be putting album upon album of cheesy Christmas music on to the house iPod. This will be done with trepidation though it has to be said. Last year (and I still don’t know to this day how I did it) when I attempted to put the Christmas cheese on to the iPod I somehow deleted ALL of the other music on there in the process. Please bear in mind that this was 16+ years worth of collected CDs and downloads. Lost. Forever. I then proceeded to lose the best part of a week of my life putting all of the music back on to the damn iPod making me even more disorganised than ever of course but the alternative would have been confessing my little accident to my Other Half *cough*

So this year, I am hoping and praying to the Gods of Crap Christmas Music to please please PLEASE don’t let me do whatever I did wrong last year. I just want a bit of Slade on the iPod. Not a divorce. Not that I’m married. Oh.

15 thoughts on “I bloody love Christmas

  1. Caroline Smith says:

    I love Christmas too…in December, ie. from now onwards (not September) complete with all the chaos that comes with it. My parents always used to put up their tree on Christmas Eve & I can’t cope with a tree in the house for longer than 2 weeks, I have to admit. It’ll all come together on the day somehow – presents, food, good cheer, bad TV – even if it does involve a few very late nights. Hope you’ve stocked up with sellotape! Not sure about your taste in Christmas music, though….


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      Yes I agree about the not before December thing! As much as I love Christmas – it has to be AT Christmas. I can’t stand it when stuff starts to appear in the shops while I’m still wearing flip flops 😉


  2. mistressmummy says:

    I’m glad you’re as disorganised as I am! I have so much to get, and the chaos is definitely part of the fun of Christmas. Get your Christmas songs on and get in the mood! I’m as useless as you with the iPod, although I’ve lost all the Xmas music! I may actually give in and buy a cd #old-fashioned!


  3. Mum2BabyInsomniac says:

    Oooh you have made me all excited now! I wasn’t feeling very Christmassy this morning but I am hoping to get there by the end of today, putting a Christmas ringtone on my phone should help! Don’t think my OH will be too impressed though! X


  4. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I’m with you – I love Christmas too! I’ve been frighteningly organised this year and finished present buying and even written all my cards. I’ll probably find extra things for Amy of course, even though she has a mountain of stuff already to open, but still…

    I remember mentioning my obsession with Christmas and being festive and got about 4 different folk on FB telling me how ridiculous I am and that Christmas should only be celebrated in December and the nearer to the 25th, the better! What a bunch of miserable buggers, I thought!

    “Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day-ay” – wish I was a millionaire as well, lol.
    CJ x


  5. Jordan says:

    Oooh, I’m just the same here too. Love it all! Ringtone here set to Santa Baby.
    Only thing I do wish, is that the shops would not do anything christmas’y’ until 1st Dec. I just thing it would be so magical if stores were transformed overnight.
    Wishing you a fabulous, and of course yummy one! X


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