Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club up for review

Being a blogger can sometimes come with the most fabulous of perks and being sent a box full of gourmet chocolate through the post has to be one of them!

Montezuma’s are an innovative British firm who have come up with a fantastic ‘chocolate by post’ concept. It even comes in a nifty box that fits through your letterbox so there are no signatures or trips to the Post Office. I was also pleased to see that they don’t overload the boxes with unnecessary packaging or leaflets and what packaging there is, is completely recyclable or compostable.

Each month the Montezuma’s team dream up new flavours which are often inspired by a foodie theme. I was sent November’s box which had a pudding angle featuring an Eton Mess truffle, an apple crumble and milk chocolate truffle and a dark chocolate lemon meringue truffle. These were complimented by a beautifully rounded milk chocolate bar with salted peanuts and butterscotch, a treacle tart milk chocolate bar and a dark chocolate bar with orange and whole hazelnuts. They were all as divine as they sound *drools*

For just £19.99 (including postage) you get a whopping 600g of delicious chocolate bars and truffles land on your doormat. You can sign up – or sign somebody else up as a gift – for any period you want, from one month to a lifetime, you decide. There are no obligations or catches and it is all easily managed online or by telephone.

I think it would make for a perfect gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas but even better as an indulgent monthly treat for myself of course!

Now stop licking my photos and go and get your own! Hop on over to Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club and get yourself signed up – pronto!

6 thoughts on “Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club up for review

  1. Honest Mum says:

    These look absolutely delicious. Did you take the pics yourself? Awesome. @richmondmummy I think I’m going to gift them to myself. It would be rude not to. Apple crumble chocolate sounds heavenly.


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