That was the week that was

It’s fast approaching that time of the year where my unorganised self is pushed to its very limits trying to remember parties, nativity rehearsals, raffle prizes for the fayre, presents to buy, trees to decorate… But I absolutely LOVE it! December is here which means I can officially be excited for Christmas – my favourite time of year! Although if I’m being completely honest, I have been excited for a while now. I’ve just hidden it quite well. But what’s not to love? Bring. It. On.

So over on the blog this week we started out with Duchess the cutest and cuddliest kitty in the world making an appearance with my beautiful big girl for Silent Sunday. Despite what her face might be telling you, she would let you cuddle her all day if she had her way. And who are we to resist? We are but weak humans.

Then I found myself struggling to resist the call of cosy nights on the sofa as my fatty bum bum has switched to hibernation mode. Some great comments (as ever!) but honestly, all advice will still be most gratefully received. My mojo is definitely still in hiding! The flame haired temptress that is WitWitWoo also picked this out as one of her Brit Mums best reads this week. She called me beautiful and everything *proud face*

Then came serious shoe lust of the highest level in the form of my beyond perfect ballet flats from Upper Street. I still can’t quite believe that they are mine – they are just so gorgeous! Have you had a play on the site yet to design yours yet? Great fun! I have a whole collection of wish list shoes on there. And don’t forget, I have a fabulous offer code giving you a whopping £50 off a pair of your own Upper Street shoes but hurry, it only lasts until next Tuesday!

On Wednesday I linked up with Transatlantic Blonde’s What I Wore Wednesday meme. Having recovered from mummy flu I was back in my winter uniform of a dress and opaques but if you click through on the linky button, you can see what everyone else has been wearing this week too. I have to say a huge thank you to Melaina25. I’m loving this linky as not only do I get to be incredibly nosey about what everyone else is wearing but I’m finding lots of fabulous new-to-me blogs too!

Then Thursday marked the start of my official Christmas countdown – cheesy music and all. In fact, it was pretty much all about the cheesy music. Please don’t judge me too harshly. But I am pleased to report that the cheese was successfully installed on to the house iPod. I daren’t risk it and attempt to put it on my iPad too though. I think one success with technology is more than I could hope for in one week to be quite honest!

On Friday I had the hardship of bringing you a review of Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club. The things I do for my dear readers *mops brow* Who am I kidding?! This chocolate is seriously to die for and the club is a fabulous idea. If you are still pondering Christmas gifts then you couldn’t go far wrong with this for the chocolate lovers in your life!

So that was the week that was. This weekend will hopefully be mostly spent decorating the Christmas tree. I’m afraid I just can’t resist the lure of the twinkly fairy lights any longer! Although I’ll have to convince my Other Half to venture up into the loft first of course. And if my memory serves me correctly, they were possibly dragged off and bungled into a box when the tree came down last year and will therefore possibly take hours to detangle *cough* At least I will have Christmas music to keep me company!

What have you been up to this week?

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