HotSquash up for review

HotSquash specialise in clothes that keep you warm in Winter and cool in the Summer. When I was asked if I wanted to give them a try I must admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect and had visions of my Nan in her Winter thermals *shudder* BUT I couldn’t have been more wrong. These aren’t thermals as we know them – they are just really well designed clothes with a clever hidden science bit!

The science bit probably makes as much sense to you, as it does to me but basically – it works! HotSquash use advanced fabrics to keep you warm in winter, cool in summer, fresh all day and thrive on low maintenance. The Autumn/Winter collection uses THERMOLITE ® and ISOLWOOL ® fabrics for enhanced warmth, whereas the Spring/Summer collection incorporates COOLMAX® and Thermo Cool ™ fabrics to ensure you stay cool.

I was sent the Waterfall Top to try out in the gorgeous Woodland Teal colour and I loved it. It is a long-sleeved top in a soft jersey fabric to add a touch of everyday luxe and you certainly wouldn’t know that it was different from any other top. The fit was fabulous. I found that it was nice and snug but really flattering and not too tight as well as being a really nice length. It has a fabulous ruffle detail down the front of the top and gentle ruching which I just loved. Who knew that thermals could look this good? And of course as well as looking good, it was oh so toasty to wear. The beauty being of course that it kept me  warm but without any of the bulk.

I absolutely loved this top and priced at just £45.99 I think it is a great everyday top. But saying that, I think it could easily be dressed up too and in fact, I know that I will wear time and time again. I loved that the science bit behind it really worked and kept me toasty. In fact so much so, that I will definitely be treating myself to one of the dresses too before the big freeze hits!

To take a look for yourself, please pop over to I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “HotSquash up for review

  1. mistressmummy says:

    You look gorgeous in that top! So jealous. Wish I had the pennies to afford one, Santa, are you listening here? I’ll just have to stick to my knitted jumpers for now


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