Deck the halls.. And anything else that stays still long enough..

Growing up, we had a strict rule of the decorations went up ten days before Christmas and back down ten days after. When I left home, I just carried on the same tradition. But over the years and definitely the more children we have, the earlier and earlier our decorations seem to go up every year. Once December is here, I’m just itching to get out the decorations. I just can’t wait!

Christmas for me isn’t about just one day. In fact, the run up to Christmas is as good as the day itself for me. The children get so excited that they are fit to burst. And I love it. I want to keep that excitement for the whole month. And decorating the house is a huge part of that for me. It’s my favourite time of the year and I want to spread it out for as long as possible. I can’t think where the children get their excitement from *cough*

We have an artificial tree up in the loft from when the children were little and I was utterly paranoid that they would eat the needles and die a prickly death. With the new addition of the kitties, I thought we might dig it out as the thought of needle carnage was making me fear for my poor carpet and my OCD hoovering tendencies. But when it came to it, neither of us wanted to have the artificial tree. As lovely as it is, it just doesn’t compare to the real deal. So off we went to the garden centre last weekend to get a real tree. We were looking and looking but I knew when I spotted The One. Unfortunately it just happened to be right at the back of course but it was p e r f e c t!

So through the magic tree wrapping machine it went (Surely the best job of in all of the garden centre?) We piled into the car leaving my Other Half to grapple with a far too big tree, a ball of string and a roof rack then drove home with everything crossed that we would actually make it all the way home without it sliding off and impaling someone. Then of course we got it home, took off the magic netting and quickly realised that it is far too big for the house. And of course, as it settled, it got bigger and bigger by the hour and my Other Half was threatening to ‘prune the bloody thing’. But after much furniture shifting it was in and just p e r f e c t.

We all decorated the tree together and I actually love the fact that it’s a bit wonky and that the baubles aren’t all perfectly placed. If you tilt your head to the left a little and squint, you’d never even realise. I used to spend hours creating a perfectly decorated tree but over the years, the decorating bit has been taken over by the children and I love that. Each bauble seems to bring back memories of Christmases past and I love that they all have their favourites.

And of course the tree means that Christmas time is officially here!

7 thoughts on “Deck the halls.. And anything else that stays still long enough..

  1. mistressmummy says:

    Beautifully decorated! The run up to Christmas is definitely the best (and the chocolates every day!) because quite frankly, after youve opened the presents, kids have played with the packaging… and then perhaps the present. And it’s all over! Start early and enjoy the excitement and magical moments x


  2. Strawberry Blonde says:

    Aw, what a sweet story… it’s made me feel a bit emotional and your tree is beautiful! We aren’t putting ours up this year as we’re away from Christmas, am a teeny bit sad about this.

    Nic x


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