No.3 London Dry Gin up for review

When I was asked if I would like to try some No.3 London Dry Gin for review here on my blog, I really didn’t have to give much thought as you can imagine, although I did worry for a minute that rumours of my #ginoclock habits had spread far and wide..!

A certain number looms large in everything to do with No.3 London Dry Gin from Berry Brothers & Rudd , Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchants. From the fact that it is named after Berry Brothers’ home No.3 St. James’s Street and the merchant’s 3 centuries of heritage, through to its use of just 3 fruits and 3 spices (the ‘botanicals’ which flavour every gin), the significance of the number to this premium gin is inescapable. In fact, though purely by coincidence, even the team of outside experts who Berry Brothers gathered to help create the gin was composed of 3 men and 3 women.

The very first thing that struck me before I even got to taste it was just how beautifully packaged it was. I know that might sound irrelevant to a review of a drink but it really is that beautiful that I couldn’t not mention it. The keyhole shaped hole on the box draws you in and it was wrapped in white tissue paper patterned with the old street map of its home at No.3 St James’s Street. The bottle itself is just gorgeous and has a key set into the glass. Setting off the outstanding look of the bottle is a traditional cork stopper which makes a really pleasing deep ‘pop’ sound as you ease it open.

Led by the holder of the world’s only PhD in gin flavour, Dr. David Clutton, the team deliberately set out to make No.3 taste ‘as gin should’ – without the use of an excessive amount of ingredients and distilled in traditional copper pot stills without any over-elaboration. So, with classic simplicity the goal, the experts placed a robust helping of juniper – the key ingredient in any gin – at the heart of No.3. This striking juniper quality was then cleverly complemented by just 5 other fruits and spices; namely, sweet Spanish orange peel, grapefruit peel, Angelica root, Moroccan coriander and, finally, cardamom seeds.

I have to say that the very first thing I noticed when I poured the gin was the amazing aroma. The smell of the juniper was just outstanding although not at all overwhelming to taste. It made for a perfect Gin and Tonic was perfectly crisp and refreshing. It really is a superior gin and whilst I don’t begin to claim to be an expert taster, I have tasted rather a lot of gin over the years and boy do I know a good G&T when I taste one! I have to say though that it really came into its own in a Classic Dry Martini – I kept it simple with extra dry vermouth,  No.3 gin and lemon. It was perfection in a cocktail glass.

No.3 is now available at Waitrose stores nationwide and with an RRP of £33.65 for a 70cl bottle, it probably is quite steep for an everyday tipple but it really is an outstanding gin and I think it would definitely be worth the splurge as a special treat. It really does live up to its reputation of being a super premium gin and I know I for one will be bolstering their profits this Christmas! Bottoms up 😉

For more information, please pop along to or you can find them over on Twitter @No3Gin

9 thoughts on “No.3 London Dry Gin up for review

  1. Doug says:

    It sounds like a great Gin – would be interested to know which tonic water you tried it with?

    I have found the tonic water really makes all the difference, it can make it, or ruin the Gin – I much prefer ‘Fever Tree’ premium Indian tonic water (full fat!) rather than the other well known brand (schhhh) you can really taste the difference. As for cheaper supermarket branded tonic – forget them, I’m not even going to mention the dreadful carbonated squirted pub tonic! (you get what you pay for)



    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      No I have to say that I completely agree. I favour Fever Tree too and you’re absolutely right, it makes a huge difference. (On a separate note, Fever Tree also do a cracking ginger beer!)


  2. Doug says:

    Thanks – yes love the cracking ginger beer too!

    Have you tried their Mediterranean tonic with Vodka yet? (Grey goose or Belvedere!)



  3. csbox1 says:

    I just received a bottle of this as a Valentine’s Day gift and I must say that this is the best Gin that I have ever had. It was everything that the “sponsored post” claimed it to be. I had never heard of this brand until last night. I love it!!!! This is one spirit that I won’t be too quick to share.


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