The Blogger Calendar

In the middle of the chaos that was CyberMummy11, the amazingly talented Jay from over at Mocha Beanie Mummy and the super lovely Tara at Sticky Fingers somehow rounded us up to create what was to become The Blogger Calendar. Huge thank you to both of you, I can only begin to imagine just how much hard work you had to put in to pull this off! 

Now to get my mitts on one of The Blogger Calendars apparently no amount of bribery will work and I have to come up with my blogging CV of sorts. What inspires my blog. And as ever I am last minute dot com but here it is at long last! 

I’m a thirty-something *cough* stay at home mummy to four children. I started writing my blog almost two years ago now and especially in the last year or so, it has become such a huge part of my life. My blog is my happy place. Somewhere to share my family life, scrummy food and my love of all things shiny and pretty.

It has brought me some fabulous opportunities along the way and the chance to meet some truly amazing and inspirational people. CyberMummy11 was such a highlight to my blogging year and I would absolutely love a calendar as a fantastic memento of such a crazy day.

I tried and tried to choose one picture to sum up my blog but there are so many sides to me (and my blog!) that I couldn’t just choose one. I’m greedy like that. So here is what inspires me the most:






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