What I Wore Wednesday

I’m joining in with Transatlantic Blonde’s fantabulous What I Wore Wednesday linky this week.

So, here I am ……

Black cashmere cardigan – Ralph Lauren

Rabbit print dress – H&M

Black leggings – TopShop

Darla black patent boots – LK Bennett 

Sweetie bracelet – Links of London 

Watch – Michael Kors 

Babydoll pink nail varnish – Leighton Denny

(with sparkly glitter topcoat from Claire’s)

I spotted this dress in H&M on Saturday and I just fell in love with the bunny rabbit print so I just couldn’t resist it. The dress is skin-tight and has a low scoop neck so there was no way on earth that I could get away with wearing it just as it is. I am quite aware that my days of wearing tiny Lycra dresses are over. In fact, I’m not sure I can ever remember being able to get away with that look to be honest! But I loved the print so much that I knew I would be able to do something with it, I had to have it!

So to par down the dress, I put it with a black fitted cardigan. This helped to camouflage the boobage area and also hide the bit that comes below the boobage of course. I’ve had four children and there is no hiding my mummy tummy I’m afraid but the cardigan definitely distracts from my wobbly bits. Plus my favourite (and ancient) cashmere cardigan is my comfort blanket. It never fails to make anything look and feel better. I also went with black leggings rather than tights, as I wanted to keep the whole look very casual.

My gorgeous watch was a Christmas present from my Other Half. He was naughty really as we were supposed to be doing small and thoughtful this year but he went and did small and sparkly. I’m not complaining though as I’ve been coveting this watch for as long as I can remember! I love it to bits.

My manicure was courtesy of my lovely twelve year old daughter. The Leighton Denny in Babydoll pink is one of my favourites and I often wear it on my toes. I got it a couple of months ago in my Glossybox and the sparkle is thanks to my daughter’s stash of glittery nail varnish from Claire’s. Classy, huh? Maybe not! But we had great fun doing it and it made me smile while it lasted. (I have since switched to a much more muted mushroom colour from BarryM to counteract the sparkly overdose at the weekend!)

Don’t forget to click on the badge below to take a look at the other entries over at Transatlantic Blonde this week!

31 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Eliza_Do_Lots says:

    You look amazing and I LOVE that dress – looks like dogtooth check from a distance and turns into awesome up close!
    Beautiful lady with excellent style 😀


  2. AmsterdaMummy says:

    Immaculate as always. You look fab in that ‘lycra’ dress too, I can’t see any bumps!… as per one of your previous posts, as long as you are happy about your size, then that’s all that matters… I forgot to take a look at those boots at LK Bennett when I was back in the UK the other week, so thanks for the reminder. I’ve been looking for black patent boots for the 3 years and I can’t find any in Holland…


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      I have to say that I am happy with my size right now and it’s about learning to dress the curves that I have grown to love rather than thinking about all the things that I just can’t get away with anymore. For me at least.


  3. Jana Jewellery says:

    I write a blog and want to join this group. How do I go about this. Love what you wear. I am wearing my new cable knit swing dress from Phase Eight with my new LK Bennett boots


  4. Melaina25 says:

    It is super cute! I had mushroom by Barry M on last week! One coat of the Barry M Silver Glitter looks fab on top of it when you get bored of it 🙂


  5. PhotoPuddle says:

    That’s it. I’m not reading your blog any more. You always looks so damn fabulous!! Just kidding….. I’ll still read even thought you look too terrific! And how cute is that dress. No wonder you had to buy it!


  6. @HelenW71 says:

    Loving the return of the What I Wore Wednesday. I really love the dress, I might just happen to trip into H&M next time I’m passing…..x


  7. sherrie says:

    I so want the bunny dress!! I checked online and it’s not there 😦 I will have to check my local store. x


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