The Gallery – Me Right Now

I don’t often take part in The Gallery but I do love it and always watch from afar and enjoy everybody else’s entries. But this week, when I saw what the theme was, I just couldn’t resist.

I absolutely love Instagram. I am completely hooked in fact. Last week I was tagged a couple of times in a hashtag game where you have to post a picture of you right now and I loved it. So when I saw that the lovely Tara was paying homage to that very theme this week, I just couldn’t resist!

So, I took a photo of me right now (or rather right then) as I read Tara’s blog and erm, if you are of a delicate disposition, you might want to look away now. It ain’t pretty..

That is me. Thirty minutes of pure heaven and hell right there in that picture.

At the end of a long day of children wrangling, there is nothing I like more than hooking myself up to the shorts of torture (otherwise known as the Slendertone Bottom) And of course because I am a woman, I can’t just do that. Oh no. I have to multi-task. So on goes the face pack and out comes the iPad. I mostly intend to whizz through my emails but usually get distracted in equal measure by Twitter, Instagram and catching up on blog reading.

To be fair, I don’t normally have magazines. I actually gave up on buying magazines a while ago as it was just too depressing to see them pile up and never get read. But I actually stole them from my Other Half’s office this week. Β What?! There has to be some perks to being the long suffering partner of the boss, right? And these poor magazines had been carelessly left lying around in the break area. I just re-homed them, that’s all. It’s not even really stealing. You could even say that I am helping with productivity in the office by taking them home with me. Ahem.

So that was me right now.Β Make sure you stop by Sticky Fingers to see the rest of the entries this week. If you’re lucky, they might not be quite as scary as mine.

29 thoughts on “The Gallery – Me Right Now

      • louise s says:

        Fab! I am about to purchase the slendertone bottom toner this weekend after starting to use the ab flex max for the past 3 weeks. Am already so impressed with it that I thought I’d blast my bum at the same time. Wonder if I’ll manage to do both at the same time? Hehe. Great choice of magazines to buy *cough* steal *cough* too. And the facepack still makes you look fab, I’m long overdue for a bit of pampering. A glass of gin added to your photo would make it my perfect evening! Hehe x


  1. Natalie says:

    Great photos- I’ve been umming and aahing over getting a Slendertone since the baby arrived in October.. I think this may have sold it!! xx


  2. marisworld says:

    I’m worried – does the boss read this? Shall we stash the mags somewhere? Say they were mine! I’ve never tried Slendertone and I hate unread mags too but still can’t stop myself from buying them every month πŸ™‚


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