What I Wore Wednesday

I’m joining in with Transatlantic Blondes’s fab What I Wore Wednesday linky again this week.

So here I am…..

Black cardigan – Gap 

Black vest (underneath) – H&M 

Leopard print scarf – Claire’s

Jeans – Gap 

Leopard ballet flats – Next 

Watch – Michael Kors

Mushroom nail varnish – Barry M 

I just looked back at some of my previous What I Wore Wednesday posts and the whole beige and black thing seems to be a running theme.. Hmmm.. I think I might be getting stuck in a bit of a wardrobe rut.. Bring on the springtime pastels I say. Are you listening weather?! *shakes fist at sky*

Anyway, this is me today. The leopard print scarf has a lovely sparkly sheen that I just couldn’t pick up on the camera but I love it. And yes, it’s from Claire’s. I spend far too many hours in that tiny shop with my three girls and while they are cooing over Hello Kitty headbands and packs of a zillion bobbles that will disappear to god knows where within the week, I can’t help but look for goodies for myself.

The cardigan is one of my many black cardigans but I wear them with so many outfits. I spotted this last week in Gap and I really loved the cute little square satin pockets. You can never have enough black cardigans, right? The vest underneath (that can’t really be seen) is just a plain black H&M job. An absolute wardrobe staple for me. The jeans were from Gap too and they are skinny but super stretchy so super comfy. I really liked the colour though and I can see me wearing these right through to Summer. It’s so hard shopping right now. The weather is most definitely in Winter mode but all the Spring/Summer clothes are creeping in now which is surely bonkers? Anyway, I suspect that is a whole blog post in itself so I will leave it at that but it just feels like such a tease to see gorgeous clothes that I can’t actually wear yet!

The shoes are one of my favourite pairs ever and they were from Next of all places. But if ever a shoe was made for me, it was these. Leopard print, satin ribbons, diamonds and butterflies equal pure shoe heaven. Love them! Plus I bought them to wear when I went to Buckingham Palace last year to see the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress so whenever I wear them now, I can’t help but remember what an amazing day I had in London. I love how my wardrobe is full of memories. Or does that sound mad? Don’t answer that by the way, I think I already know the answer!

So that was me! Don’t forget to click on the badge below to take a look at the other entries this week over at Transatlantic Blonde.

14 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Chris Mosler says:

    I love this outfit, I could wear every bit of it very happily, although I’d probably spoil the effect with my HiTech Snow Boots (I don’t own a pair of flats!). That nail varnish is a bit yummy, I may need to hunt it down!


  2. Rachel says:

    i do the same thing, most of my clothes have memories attached which i love!! i love animal print and you look so chic! but casual and comfy too which is always a huge bonus in my books. I love next ballet pumps, they are always so comfy and most are so pretty!


  3. imagemistress2020 says:

    You look gorgeous Sarah – really love your beautiful style!! 🙂 I know what you mean about the weather, I am so ready to start wearing my pretty, pastel & bright coloured Spring/Summer clothes, but the cold, rainy weather means that is just not an option yet!! Hopefully soon!

    Fabulous, chic outfit, & a brilliant blog post!! xoxo


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