Five Things That I Have Learnt About Pancake Day

I know I know! Not another Pancake Day post I hear you cry. That’s the problem with topical posts of course – there are always going to be a squillion others! But here is mine anyway.

Five things that I have learnt about Pancake Day.

1. The first pancake never turns out quite right. But if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. This little motto sees me through much of my life. Including my current task of convincing my Other Half that thirty-five is a very special birthday and yes I do really deserve sparkly Marc Jacobs mouse shoes to celebrate. I digress.

2. They have to be proper pancakes. None of those big fat American style numbers nor is this the day for crepes. Only proper (and slightly misshapen) pancakes will do.

3. You will come across one hundred and one suggestions of how to serve your pancakes. Not here. Do you know what? Nothing comes close to lemon and sugar. Fact.

4. Lemon juice for pancakes has to come out of a plastic lemon shaped bottle. It’s tradition. Even though you have real live lemons in the fridge. I blame a childhood of being dragged up on Crispy Pancakes and Angel Delight. What can I say?

5. Every year I remember just how good pancakes are and wonder why we only ever eat them once a year. Then after I have eaten about ten of them and feel slightly sick I really can’t face them for another year. And besides, I don’t think my skinny jeans would permit it.

So that was me, how about you?

Happy Pancake Day folks!

36 thoughts on “Five Things That I Have Learnt About Pancake Day

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    You are so right… No topping comes even close to sugar and lemon. And it should be lemon first then sugar on top… But not too
    Much! And yep that first pancake is always rubbish, but still edible, and very yummy πŸ™‚


  2. Carolin says:

    So right. I tried pancakes with the juice of real lemons once – never again. Just not the same as the juice out of the little lemon shaped bottles. Can’t say anything about the first pancake not turning out right because I have never in my whole life made pancakes myself – yes, there I said it…


  3. PhotoPuddle says:

    All so true. Why is it the first pancake is never quite right? And every year we try to think of exciting new pancake toppings but you’re so right nothin quite beats sugar and lemon. And what is it was Jif? My husband always insists on buying it too. I don’t quite get how it tastes better than real lemon juice but for some reason on pancake day it has to come out of a little plastic bottle.
    Oh and mmmmm crispy pancakes. Never liked Angel Delight though.


  4. Anne says:

    I use Jif to clean the bath, no wonder all your pancakes taste better with lemon. have a good panckae day!


  5. Fran (MultipleMumma) says:

    Same here; the first one is always rotten and I usually eat it while I make more, why is this? Do we forget how to make them? Thumbs up to the Jif too, have never tried real lemons and this is all we have. Can’t imagine them with chocolate or cheese or any number of things I see posted.
    Huge fan of Angel Delight – especially Butterscotch, nom!


  6. EmmaK says:

    Alas I am living in US and I have not found that genuine article : the fake lemon juice inside the fake day-glo lemon so I will have to use a blimmin real one and wing it!


  7. Multilayermummy says:

    for those of us in the first blush of blogging, a post about pancakes is all so new, so this was lovely to read. You haven’t met Mr J if you think the first pancake always comes out rubbish πŸ™‚ he is annoyingly good at pancakes of all descriptions, see my pancake tea post. Lemon & sugar for me, golden syrup for him.


  8. Multilayermummy says:

    ps.. it has something to do with prepping the pan first, he is obsessive about this so always gets good results & I don’t try to compete with him, just accept all the lovely food πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  9. richmondmummy says:

    Pancakes = yum! Pancakes + lemon + sugar = triple yum! We had a pancake and pink champagne party last night to celebrate Richmond Baby’s first birthday, it was brilliant! hope you had a lovely pancake day in the (mostly) household xx


  10. greenfroggyfae says:

    oh now i may have to go and do a late pancake day post now just so i don’t feel left out in the blogging world. hehehe
    like so many i agree fully with every thing you have said, we tend to have an array of sprinkles, topping and there were complaints this year about there being no apple sauce, and yes it has to be from pretend lemon.


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