Bring Home The Bacon

This week is Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week and when Morrisons Supermarket contacted me to ask if I would like to try some of their ‘The Best’ bacon. Well, it would have been rude to say no! Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week runs from 19th – 25th March and is an annual event that was created to help support British farming. ‘The Best’ bacon range is sourced from quality assured British farmers and I was happy to lend my support. And of course do my bit by attempting to eat my own bodyweight in bacon *cough*

I was sent The Best Applewood smoked dry cured back bacon and The Best Lightly Smoked Sweetcure rindless back bacon to try out. The guys behind the Online Sizzle campaign wanted us to come up with some recipe ideas but I also managed to sneak in a bacon butty or two…

…and maybe even a Full English…

But of course bacon is not just for breakfast. In fact, bacon is something that I always have in the fridge without fail and I thought I’d share a couple of really quick and simple suppers with you. Between my four offspring and their numerous after school clubs and goodness knows what else, as well as my workaholic Other Half who must think that I am telepathic some days *grumble* I have quite a few failsafe suppers that I can knock together in quite literally a matter of minutes. I’m a big believer that fast food can be wholesome and doesn’t have to be annihilated in a microwave. I won’t bore you with a full recipe for either of my meal ideas, as they really are as easy as they look. It is a case of throwing it all in. A cooking style that suits me best!

First up, in this fried rice dish I added The Best bacon along with some egg, spring onions and peas. I used sesame oil to cook with and threw in some Chinese Five Spice, fresh chives and some soy sauce to flavour. This dish is great for using up fridge leftovers too. You could make so many different variations. I have to say that the bacon gave it that little something special though. A (not very authentic) Chinese take on bacon and eggs if you will!

Next up, my foolproof carbonara of sorts, except without the fiddly sauce traditionally made with egg yolks, I use quite simply a pot of crème fraiche which is another staple in my fridge. It really couldn’t be simpler. I cooked the spaghetti separately then in the meantime I fried The Best bacon and some leeks along with plenty of thyme and black pepper. Then I stirred together the cooked spaghetti, bacon and leeks with the crème fraiche then served with grated parmesan. Absolutely scrummy!

I have to say that The Best bacon really was exceptionally good. Minimal shrinkage and it crisped up an absolute treat, making it a pleasure to cook with but an even greater pleasure to eat of course!

To find out more about Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week you can pop over to and don’t forget to follow the @onlinesizzle campaign over on Twitter too as I hear they are holding a fab giveaway this week.




3 thoughts on “Bring Home The Bacon

  1. onlinesizzle says:

    Mmmm…which one to have for dinner 🙂 Thank you for an amazing blog piece and some great bacon meal ideas 🙂 We can’t tell you how much Morrisons, Bacon Connoissuers’ Week, British Farmers and the guys at appreciate your time and support – truly a delicious read 😉


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