Easter egg competition. The Diamond Jubilee edition.

Nothing fills me with dread quite like the annual Easter egg competition at school. Well, maybe dressing up for World Book Day actually. But I can’t help but think that it is all just a terrible conspiracy thought up to show the rest of the playground just how useless I am at this crafty stuff. My poor offspring don’t stand a chance of winning when they are stuck with me to help them.

My little girl wanted to make a Diamond Jubilee egg this year and I first I was chuffed that my slight obsession with all things Royal might be filtering through to my darling girl and my heart swelled with patriotic pride. Then I quickly thought how on earth are we going to make a Diamond Jubilee egg?!

Luckily for me, my daughter has a wonderful imagination and is a natural with glitter glue. I was instructed to help with the big building bits while she concentrated with the fiddly bits which was fine by me! So some Tassimo boxes, gaffer tape, tacky Union Jack paper plates and tin foil later, here is what we – or should I say say she – came up with…..

Not half bad, is it? Well, is wasn’t. Until the cats came across it and decided to have a game of football with the Queen’s head. OHMYGOODGOD! I’m sure that must be treason or something? The little egg was left shall we say crackled. Not a good look. My daughter was devastated but the egg had to be handed in that morning (when will I learn not to leave these things until the last minute..?) But I managed to convince her that you could hardly notice it at all *cough*

All I can say is that it’s a good job that it’s the taking part that counts!

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