Montezuma’s Monkey Around

If there is one thing better than getting chocolate bars through the post then it’s getting chocolate bars through the post that are bigger than an iPad!

I kid you not.

Montezuma’s new ‘Monkey Bars’ are just that. These half kilo slabs of great British chocolate take their name from the Cockney rhyming slang for ‘500’ and measure a mighty 10″ by 6″ (25.5cm x 15.5cm, if you really want the metric)

Inspired by a very special year for Britain, when we celebrate both the Royal Jubilee and the Olympics, unwrapping one of these Monkey Bars will have their ‘apple pies’ popping out! While huge, the bars do actually break up into handy 33g blocks so if you’re nicer than me, they would be perfect for sharing.

There are 5 innovative flavours in all and the boxes are a work of art in themselves being decorated with a skyline of London and other iconic symbols of Great Britain such as the beloved phone box, bulldog, Welsh dragon and a Scottish Lion. I was sent the ‘Nanny Goat’ (meaning ‘Boat’ – which is Venezuelan milk chocolate with salted peanuts and butterscotch) and the ‘Adam & Eve’ (‘Believe’ – Venezuelan milk chocolate with orange and hazelnuts) both of which were absolutely scrummy. There is also ‘Airs & Graces’ (‘Races’, as in Epsom Races – Ecuadorian dark chocolate with nougat pieces), ‘Daisy Roots’ (‘Boots’ – Ecuadorian dark chocolate with cherry and almond slices) and ‘Shake & Shiver’ (‘River’, as in The Thames – Ecuadorian dark chocolate with peppermint and cocoa nibs).

Montezuma’s have rapidly built a reputation for producing some of the finest and most innovative chocolate in the UK and it is every bit deserved. These bars really were exceptional. They are available from and its 5 shops (Brighton, Chichester, Winchester, Kingston-upon-Thames and Spitalfields in London) as well as John Lewis and all good independent fine food stores nationwide and priced at just £13.99 you’re getting a whole lot of chocolate for your money. They really do have to be seen (and of course tasted) to be believed.

5 thoughts on “Montezuma’s Monkey Around

  1. HonestMum says:

    My idea of heaven. They have totally captured that Charlie and the Chocolate factory essence of chocolate too from from the first film-those shiny gold wrappers and huge chunks! Know what I’m buying for Easter!


  2. imagemistress2020 says:

    Wow – I would LOVE to get this sent to me through the post!! It sounds sooooo delicious too, I have to confess I’m a little jealous now 😉 Really enjoyed reading this post, it’s brilliant!! xoxo


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