The next Banksy..?

I appear to have a graffiti artist on my hands.

I’ve never had one of these before so I’m not entirely sure how to make it stop. But oh my godfathers does it need to stop. And now.

I’m quite certain that the graffiti artist has a name that begins with ‘T’ as this seems to be a recurring theme. On the back of my white lacquered dining chairs, on radiators, on my beloved Cath Kidston tablecloth, on walls, on my new 800 thread count white duvet cover *sob*

But I have interrogated spoken to the chief suspect whose name happens to begin with ‘T’ (who incidentally is just learning to write her name) and she insists that it wasn’t her. She smiles sweetly and claims that she doesn’t know what I am talking about. She has even on occasion laughed at me and called me a ‘silly sausage’ for even suggesting that it’s her.

I have tried to hide every single biro, felt tip and pencil in the house. They’re only allowed out when we are drawing at the table. But somehow she, or should I say the culprit, is managing to get her hands on them from somewhere as the graffiti just keeps on coming. To be fair, when you have a big brother and sister who have bulging pencil cases to steal borrow from, it is quite difficult to completely rid the house of pens.

But other than catching the culprit red handed then chopping said hands off (which to be fair, seems a little extreme) I’m not sure how to stop her. I am also secretly proud of the fact that she has mastered the letter ‘T’. And I am painfully aware that I am the softest mummy in the whole wide world who is destined to live in a graffiti ridden house. But looking on the bright side, she might just be the next Banksy and these little etchings could be worth a fortune one day, right…?

(In the meantime, all hints and tips of how to remove biro from ridiculously expensive duvet covers will be gratefully received!)

16 thoughts on “The next Banksy..?

  1. Serene Motherhood says:

    Hairspray is the best remover of pen ink, spray it on and leave it for a good 10-15min of minutes and then wash it out. The fresher it is the better the removal result, also if it doesn’t come out first time, try again until it does. You’ll be amazed at the results.


  2. Angela C says:

    Bless, lol. Mind you, I might get it next. For my first child it was so easy, just put everything out of reach. But as you said, the older one leaves her pens everywhere and the 10 months old learned how to hold a pen and has coloured a zebra in red. Soon he’ll b drawing on places I don’t want him to. However my best sheets are 300 count, I think I’ll hurt a bit less? ;p


  3. says:

    My friend just encountered similar on Saturday… all over her sofa and all over the TV screen! Nail polish remover worked a treat. I thought I’d had it tough by having to wash a pee soaked sofa cushion cover the other day, I am scared of the day a graffiti artist takes up residence here. Good luck!


  4. citygirlatheart73 says:

    Having exactly the same problem with my 2 year old. Once I’d hidden all the pens she then got hold of my mac eye shadow and that stuff’s like tar! Problem is we’re renting and it’s everywhere. When we moved in 6 months ago it was a brand new, freshly painted apartment. We move out in 3 weeks. Hoping we won’t lose our deposit. Mum’s over next week going to get her on the case. Will get her to bring her hairspray!! Great post 🙂


  5. Misty says:

    I’m not sure if they sell them, but when I ordered my sofas from DFS, they came with a care pack which included ink removal pens. These have been a god send! All you need to do is rub the ink pen over the graffiti’d area, leave for 20 seconds and wipe off with a damp cloth. Might be worth a bit of research or sweet-talking of DFS 🙂
    And might I say, that is a very neat T! X


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