All kinds of awesome

I’m the first to admit that I’m not very good with change. And I also freely admit how I bumble along quite literally making it up as I go along. The thought of my eldest two becoming teenagers has quite frankly been something that has filled me with absolute fear and dread. The teen years are arguably the biggest challenge yet and I have said a thousand times before that I would take sleepless nights and leaky boobs over this any day.

But last week, it hit me like a thunderbolt that I had got it all wrong. Teens are in fact bloody fabulous. Or at least they can be. If you put aside the grumpiness, the raging hormones and smelly bedrooms of course. The only thing that had been stopping me from seeing their fabulousness was my own fear of not knowing how to be a parent to teens. How completely and utterly stupid.

When I stopped to take a breath I realised that teens are in fact amazing company. They are full of life and energy (not first thing in a morning when you are trying to get them out of bed for school of course, that goes without saying) But it’s almost infectious. They are on the cusp of becoming fully fledged adults and I’m beginning to see the grown-ups that my children will soon become. And they are all kinds of awesome. So awesome in fact that I sometimes wonder if they really are my children.

I can see so much of myself in my children and it actually makes my heart swell with pride like I have never known. My son is like me in so many ways from a funny thing we both do with our eyebrows when we are chuntering under our breath to the way we are always both right *cough* But with my daughter in particular, the likeness is just astounding. It is honestly like having the chance to meet my teenage self. Except she is like a new and improved version of me, full of the confidence that I never ever had. I love their spirit. I love that they are so full of life and hope. They are hopefully on the cusp of such wonderful lives and I am excited to be there as they unfold.

It’s such an amazing time in their lives. I am so glad that I can see that now. And share in it and even cherish it. Of course, I’m not expecting the years ahead to be plain sailing and I know that there are quite possibly years of hell ahead. But instead of fearing what might lie ahead, I think I’d rather enjoy the right now. You see right now, I feel like I might just be able to actually do this whole beingย the parent of teenagers thing after all. By the skin of my teeth of course, that goes without saying. But maybe change doesn’t have to be that scary after all.

26 thoughts on “All kinds of awesome

  1. Kate says:

    This made me have a little cry. What a fantastic post. Change is one thing about life that we absolutely cant change! And sometimes things done by the skin of our teeth are the best things we do!! X


  2. Notmyyearoff says:

    She sounds great. I still find it so amazing that our kids sometimes look like little clones of us or even behave “exactly” like us. My parents tell me that there are some things about Z that remind them of me when I was a baby. Hope your teens continue to be filled with energy (all of the positive kind!)


  3. 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess says:

    Brillain post, having 2 teenagers myself I totally agree but have never thought of it like you described it. My daughter is the image of me at that age and you are so right it is like meeting the teenage me.
    Thankyou for making me smile today
    lots of love xx


  4. writeonmum says:

    Great post and reminds me of my recent post about my teens. You’re right – it is an exciting time with them on the cusp of adulthood. We need to embrace our teens – after we’ve had a go at them to tidy their bedrooms and turn the music down, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ x


  5. Gemma says:

    Such a lovely post! My 3 are only little but I already worry about the teenage years! Hope I can remember to take as positive a view on it as you are once we get there. Xx


  6. says:

    oh wow, I really really hope neither of my daughters are like the teenage me, I shall be on medication if they are!! Hopefully I can give them a more settled existence than the one I had, might make a difference. I am sure you are a fabulous mother to them, you are only human to doubt if you can do it.


  7. Midlifes Singlemum says:

    I am so fed up of the doom-mongers who look at my 3yo and say things like, “just wait until she’s a teenager, it’ll be hell.” I’m not expecting it to be hell at all. I’m looking forward to what you describe – getting to know the adult my child will become and enjoying her young adult company. Well said.


  8. Emma says:

    What a fabulous post and I completely identify. I have 5 children – 1 girl (who’ll be 13 in July ) and 4 younger boys (11, 8, 6 and 2) and I too am apprehensive about the approaching teens… And yet it’s a new dawn- it won’t be plain sailing but instead of being scared I’m going to try & welcome it… I look forward to reading about your experiences too!


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