What I learnt at Cybher

Sometimes when you are walking around in circles completely lost, it is best to just ask for directions straight away. Say if you get lost in the maze like hotel corridors and pass the same cleaners three times and still haven’t found your room, for example.

Your fingers might twitch but it is in fact completely possible to resist the urge to Instagram pictures of everything in sight when having drinks in the Waldorf. They really were amazing chandeliers though, honest.

Catching up with a friend who you haven’t seen for far too long but feeling completely at ease from the second that you sink down into that squishy leather sofa together, is just the best feeling ever. But time has a very unfair way of going way too fast.

Your first chance to have a huge and really very comfortable bed all to yourself means that you will barely sleep a wink. Same goes for sleeping in. I think my children have broken me forever.

Arriving at the conference with one of your oldest and very bestest blogging chums keeps the nerves at bay. And the whole day will be all the better for it.

Handing out your business cards to people who you know already and coming home with business cards from people who you talk to every day is probably not the finest example of networking ever. But at least I actually remembered to take my cards with me this year.

Some people look just like their avatars. Others really don’t. Oh, and some people have much bigger boobs than you realised. In fact, even bigger than they realised to be fair.

One of my favourite sessions of the day quite possibly included a plastic cup of wine and a quick round of Vagingo. Although I’m still trying to work out who the hell is Mary Potter.

Despite having a mental list of people who I Really Must Get Together With To Speak To Properly, you still don’t get to see them all. Too many people and just not enough time make you realise that you really must make firm plans next time.

Oh, and being lucky enough to have friends that actually do the whole making firm plan things really pays off. It means that a very long day is rounded off in a restaurant with a round table and enough cackling to make your ribs ache.

On the train home, the relief of the woman with no sense of personal space getting off will only be short-lived as she was replaced by the man with the smelliest sandwich ever. But then you will quickly have to take back everything that you said to Twitter about needing a private jet when the smelly sandwich man actually turns out to be a complete gentleman and helps you with your heavy case.

The biggest thing that I have taken away from Cybher though is that my blog has led to me making the most incredible friendships. I am so proud to call so many truly amazing and completely inspiring women my friends.

Oh, and I really can’t write this without adding on a huge thank you to my sponsors Villa Parade and of course a huge round of applause to Sian and the team for putting together the best day ever. Here’s to the next Cybher ladies! 

29 thoughts on “What I learnt at Cybher

  1. Maria @ Feisty Tapas says:

    It was so fantastic to finally meet you Sarah, I still can’t believe two things: a) I didn’t recognise you straight away, but that’s because you’re even more beautiful in person than in the photos you post, and b) that you are old enough to have a teenager!! People, this girl is so pretty and young. Here is to seeing you again next year, when I will actually plan on staying on for a meal afterwards instead of shooting straight back home.


  2. theroomset says:

    It was really lovely to meet you, i agree there was so many people i thought i would bump into but somehow managed to miss. It was a really good event and great to put faces to some of the blogs i love xx


  3. chezmummy says:

    I am definitely going next year, it sounds like it was an absolutely fantastic event and I love your post


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      No way were you awkward or a geek! I was so pleased when you came over to say hello. Truth be told I was feeling a little lost right then and I’ve never been happier to see such a friendly face so thank you! x


  4. Kelly says:

    Love this post, it was great to get to spend time with you afterward, so much less hectic and a fantastic group of people to spend time with.


  5. Grenglish says:

    I really missed out this year but am enjoying reading all the posts about cybher. Will plan better next year so that I can definitely be there 🙂


  6. mummyinmanolos says:

    You looked fab Sarah, sorry I was a bit all over the place to stop and chat properly – Cybher has to win the prize for most inspiring, stylish, fun and HILARIOUS blogging event of the year surely? Lets meet up properly next time? x


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