The small things (and the big things too)

Every day may not be good. But I do believe that there is something good in every day. Sometimes you just have to remember the small things.

There is no question that the sun finally making a long awaited appearance this week has made me smile. Along with the muddy knees that it brings with it (the childrens’, not mine of course.)

The grass between my toes and teaching my girls how to make daisy chains.ย Ice cream moustaches and ice cold limonata. Pinching the last Magnum (why do they come in boxes of three?) and crunching on ice cubes when nobody is around to hear me. Skinny iced lattes from Caffe Nero (nowhere else’s come close) and counting down to Pimm’s o’clock. Sandals (new and old) and my perfectly painted toes out for the world to see. British strawberries coming into season and bunting blowing in the breeze.

But this week has been about the big things too. Like taking big brave steps that I never thought I would and making plans just because I can.

Signing up for an evening class instead of just talking about it like I have for the past however many years. And using my new found student status as an excuse to treat myself to a beautiful leather satchel. Okay, student might be pushing it. I’m doing an evening class in an attempt in improve my mostly forgotten school girl Franglais. And while I’m being honest, like I needed an excuse to buy a satchel?! The minute I saw one of those babies in the flesh I knew I would have to get my mitts on one. The only question was, in what colour. But still.

What small (and big) things have made you smile this week?

20 thoughts on “The small things (and the big things too)

  1. says:

    glad you are smiling! Cow parsley has made me smile this week, how did we suddenly get so much of it! And my baby winning her race at sports day (she told me the night before that she would!) and holding the hand of my other little button earlier and whispering to each other ‘I love you!”


  2. Rosie Scribble says:

    Oh I adore the satchel! I was going to comment on Magnums coming in box of threes but then it caught my eye and distracted me.

    I did an evening class a few years ago. Best thing I ever did and, in fact, quite a brave step at the time. All the best with yours. x


  3. fivegoblogging says:

    I love your list of small things and have satchel envy, toe nail envy and now magnum envy. darn it!
    Good luck parlezing le francais ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Victoria says:

    The sunshine has definitely made me smile. A lot. And making actual rings in my silversmithing class, that I really like, and other people like too. That’s made me very happy. And I love these posts, they also make me happy.


  5. NickkiT says:

    This post made me smile! And why do Magnums come in boxes of three?? Pretty complicated when you have a family of 4+! Watching my boys playing while I sat in the sunshine made me pretty happy this week ๐Ÿ™‚


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