What I Wore Wednesday..

..the sun is still shining edition!

I have loved pulling out my Summer dresses this week and every day I kept thinking I must take a photo to share this on Wednesday. But I kept forgetting. So you’ll have to make do with what I was wearing yesterday, when I finally did remember AND harang the Mr into taking some photos when he called home in between meetings. You just can’t get the staff these days, honestly.

So, this is me….

(Parisian print dress – Henry Holland, navy leggings – Topshop, silver gladiator sandals – Monsoon, watch – Michael Kors, Sweetie Candy Hearts bracelet – Links of London) 

Firstly, I think that I should add some sort of disclaimer about my hair. It doesn’t like weather. Any kind of weather really. But it really doesn’t like hot weather and tends to take on a whole life of its own. I have no control over it whatsoever. You’re just lucky that these pictures were taken earlier rather than later in the day.

Anyway, it was the lovely Helen over at Icklebabe who first brought this dress to my attention and I just could not resist. The print is just amazing – poodles and petit Eiffel Towers? Yes please! It is an amazing shape too with a fitted shirt top, tie belt then a full skirt. To be honest, it probably isn’t the most flattering style on my erm, generous proportions but I don’t care. I love it anyway. I did start out with bare legs but let’s just say that there was an incident involving an unexpectedly locked nursery gate and an unfortunately timed gust of wind which lead me to believe that this dress is much better worn with leggings *cough*

I’m linking up with Transatlantic Blonde’s What I Wore Wednesday linky this week. Do click on the badge below to see the rest of the entries this week, I know I will be!

13 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday..

  1. Melaina25 says:

    Love the print and your hair looks good to me silly! Congrats on being the FIRST to link up 🙂 Seems like good things happen when I forget it is Wednesday and post late lol.


  2. Rachel says:

    LOOOVVEE this dress, so pretty is it still on sale do you know?! i love the security of leggings, i always feel like they keep my dignity in tact and yet i can wear my pretty dresses too. By the way, your hair looks fab! if my hair looked like that i would be very happy!


  3. icklebabe says:

    looks divine on u petal! I love the way its like a shirt collar too,Tres chic, darling.! XXX
    ps..thanku for the mention, love sharing frock finds with you, #dresswatch ;D xxxx


  4. HonestMum says:

    Gorgeous dress-that Icklebabe has amazing taste (as do you!). Girls, share frock finds with me too! Adore Links of London-a little too much (husband refuses to visit the store with me anymore) x


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