The one where I get a blister

We don’t have the biggest of gardens but somehow we’ve ended up with three patio areas. The decking down at the bottom of the garden is too far away from the house (oh the hardship!) and the proper patio by the French doors that lead out from our living room is far too overlooked by our neighbours. So we put a third small seating area in last year. Well, I say we but I actually mean the Mr of course. He did it out of boredom last year on the day of the Royal Wedding as he refused to watch it on television. I, of course, was glued to the screen from the minute I saw Kate get into the car. The Mr spent his day building a retaining wall and shoveling gravel by the wheelbarrow load. Anyway, it is just perfect. We sit out there all of the time. It’s perfectly positioned so that I can see the children playing at the side of the house or in the back garden plus it’s close enough to the house for the wi-fi to still work which is always a bonus. Hoorah!

The wooden table and chairs have served us well for the past year but they were looking way past their best and it was definitely time for a lick of paint. I didn’t want to re-stain them in boring old teak, I wanted a bit of a change. Well actually, I wanted to paint them pink but the Mr wasn’t so keen, so we compromised on a gorgeous seagrass colour instead.

I stupidly volunteered to do it, thinking that it would be done in an hour or so. Oh. My. Godfathers. It took more like seven hours and it was so much more fiddlier than I could ever have possibly anticipated. In fact it was a complete ball ache. By the time I had finished, I felt like I had been knocked over by a bus and managed to somehow get paint in my hair. MY HAIR! And I even got a blister on my poor little over worked painting hand. IS ANYTHING WORTH GETTING A BLISTER FOR?! Well, actually, it does look rather lovely. So maybe it was worth a day of hard toil. But I just don’t think that I am suited to a full day of manual labour. Please please please remind me of this fact should I suggest re-painting it next year, won’t you?

10 thoughts on “The one where I get a blister

  1. Tamsin's Toys says:

    I painted our new gate at the weekend and 4 days later I still have paint on my feet!! Won’t come off! AND I got massive suntan strap marks (which I hate!) – we should definitely not be made to toil so extensively!!!!


  2. atomum says:

    It does look lovely though! – next year just sand it a bit and say you’re going for the ‘tastefully distressed’ look!


  3. Anne says:

    It looks lovely! I am trying to persuade my hubby that the garden fence would look fab in this colour:) I hate the boring teak shade we have on it now… have a great weekend:)


  4. Karen Jones (@allaboutheboys) says:

    HAHAHA! Makes me smile to think you though you could paint all that in an HOUR! Bless you poor girl. I paint furniture most nights. Do you feel sorry for me yet ?

    Love how it turned out. Fancy a part time job helping me out ???

    Enjoy it when the sun finally shines lovely lady xx


  5. Aly says:

    First time on your blog and not only do we have very similar garden furniture but I bought paint in a very similar colour to touch ours up last week! Sadly my husband fell through TWO chairs last weekend so I fear it is a new set of furniture we need rather than re paint.
    I think you did an amazing job! Unbelieveable the difference a lick of paint makes. x


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