The one where we spring a leak

It might come as a surprise to some of you but I actually love camping. I know. I’m not as high maintenance as some of you might think, you know *cough* It actually took years and years of convincing from the Mr and my darling offspring to give it a try but after one holiday under canvas, I was hooked. Completely and utterly hooked.

There’s a freedom that only comes from camping and I love it. I love that the children feel free to just, well, be. I love that entertainment usually comes in the form of climbing trees and washing up. (In a stroke of genius I convinced my eldest two that washing up is really good fun. And having never known life without a dishwasher, they fell for it. I know!) I love the simple pleasures that camping brings. The grass between my toes, the smell of fresh dewy mornings and even the pitter patter sound of rain hitting canvas (this is Great Britain after all) Oh, and of course I get to take advantage of the whole hunter-gatherer-playing-with-fire thing and let the Mr take over all cooking duties.

It’s no news to anyone here that this year has been an absolute wash-out weather wise. We are not fair weather campers, don’t get me wrong, but up until not long ago we still had the heating on around the clock in our insulated and double glazed house so the thought of camping seemed bonkers to say the least. But it reached a point when we thought oh stuff it, let’s go anyway. We were heading towards the middle of June without having been on a single camping trip which is completely unheard of. We normally go on our first camping trip of the year in March for goodness sake!

So we headed up to the Lake District for a few days last half term, despite the awful weather forecast and do you know what? We had a lovely time. The weather wasn’t fabulous and our tent wasn’t entirely waterproof but since when did minor details like that get in the way of having a fabulous holiday?

I think it’s easy to forget that children don’t mind the weather quite as much as we do. Bung them in waterproofs and wellies and they are sorted. Seriously. As for the grown-ups, adding a few more stops for tea and cake along the way so we could dry off temporarily went a long way to keeping that old British holiday spirit alive.

I like to think that a big part of being a parent is creating memories for my children, wouldn’t you agree? I have really fond and very vivid memories of my own childhood holidays and I hope that my own children will be able to look back with a similar fondness one day. Leaky tents and all.

22 thoughts on “The one where we spring a leak

  1. Nikki Thomas says:

    I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of camping myself, I don’t like the cold and damp feeling which you tend to get, but there is no doubt that it is the most amazing experience for kids. They get so much more from camping than other types of holidays as they get to be proper kids!


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      It sounds like such a cliché but I get so much pleasure from seeing my children being happy, I really do. In fact, I think that’s a big part of why I love camping so much because I know how much they love it. It offers a freedom that children just don’t get in day to day life and I think that’s invaluable.


  2. MargotBarbara says:

    We camped with the kids for the first time last summer, over the August Bank Holiday. It rained for 14 hours straight, dripped through the tent and was fairly miserable. Despite that, my kids (dressed head to toe in fleeces and waterproofs) loved the mammoth amount of mud and were really happy and excited about the whole thing. So, we’ll try again. It’ll be easier now my boy is walking, although there is nothing quite like the sight of a toddler crawling through a sea of mud with a giant grin on his face and then coming over for a cuddle 🙂


  3. Cari Rosen (aka @cazroz) says:

    Couldn’t agree more. We’ve had amazing fun in Scotland etc and getting soaked then warming up with tea and cake is always part of it. Of course when it pours every single day it’s not quite so much fun though… (Oh and looove the pic. Whereabouts were you? Spent half my childhood on trips to the Lakes and need to get back to doing it again


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      Yes I think you’re right, constant rain is not much fun but we were lucky to get the occasional break. It is June, right? Just checking! Ha!
      The pic is from Waterhead on Lake Coniston where the steam gondola stops. We were camped down the road in Hawkshead which is such a lovely spot 🙂


  4. richmondmummy says:

    Good for you! I too am a somewhat surprising camping convert but must admit I’m not so keen on uk camping vs heading over to la belle France. But yes, love it for all the same reasons. Lovely to see you last weekend x


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      We’ve not braved la belle France yet as I am still plucking up the courage to be stuck in a car with four children for that long..! But I think we might attempt that next year 😉
      Sooooo lovely to see you too, Bianca x


      • richmondmummy says:

        yes, that would be quite an undertaking i guess, but it’s a great place to go camping – if you ever brave it, i have lots of recommendations of lovely sites togo to xx


  5. says:

    Wow this has made me consider camping-love the outdoors and been on safari several times (which is life changing) but bit scared to camp. I once made a documentary where part of it was filmed on a camping site and the kids adored it. They put the crew in a farmhouse but the camping looked far more fun!


  6. Hazel says:

    Can’t agree with you more. The way life slows down when you are camping and suddenly the simplest things are a mini adventure – traipsing through the dewy grass to the toilets first thing in the morning, making food, everthing really, Also the chance to just hang out with your kids, so many lovely things about camping. I love it! This year has been a bit dodgy weatherwise but like you say once you get out there in the right clothes its not as bad as it seems! In fact the plus side can be that there are less people around!


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      You must! You really must! Think of those long lazy nights with the barbecue on the go, plastic cup of something cold and fizzy on the go, boys running wild in the field… You’ll love it promise 😉


  7. Tattooed mummy says:

    I adore camping too and am so envious that you have been away already, I’ve suffered from lack of time and the fact that my tent is canvas, so takes a while to dry. I can’t wait to get out in our tent, its nearly time for camp bestival, so added fun! Carry on camping, its the best fun for any age, but kids especially love it, and even I find cooking and cleaning more fun in the “wild”.


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