The one where I learn to count to one hundred. And so much more.

Sometimes it’s good to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Things that are even a tiny bit scary to begin with. Sometimes these things can turn out to be bloody fantastic and you will wonder why oh why you didn’t do it forever ago.

Things like signing up for an evening class to learn French. Just because I fancy it. Something just for fun. Something just for me. And do you know what? I am loving it. Every single minute of it.

I loved French at school. Absolutely loved it. I aced my GCSE then went on to study at A-level. But everything went a little pear-shaped and I ended up being kicked out of sixth form meaning that my life took on a whole new route. Anyway I digress, I suspect that might be a story for another day. But what I was trying to say was that I’m actually amazed at how it is all coming flooding back to me. Somewhere in the deep murky recesses of my brain, is all that French vocabulary that I thought was long forgotten. And along with it, my complete love of learning a language.

I should point out that this is the girl who was ready to walk straight back out of the building on the night of my first class. Arriving there and quite frankly feeling ancient and way out of my depth, I wondered what the hell I was thinking signing up in the first place. But I am so glad I didn’t bolt now. I am so glad Twitter told me to be brave. Within minutes of my tutor walking into the room, I was completely immersed in a long forgotten world of learning and I loved it. And yes it is a complete cliché but I really do wish that I had done it years ago now.

I think my fellow students must hate me though to be fair. I’m a complete teacher’s pet but I just can’t help myself. I’m the first to arrive, notebook at the ready, pen poised. I’m the first to put my hand up to answer every single question. In fact, I sometimes forget to even put my hand up and just blurt it right out. I make no apologies for my enthusiasm. I just can’t help myself.

It’s quite hard to put my finger on it but these lessons are giving me so much more than a bit of conversational French. They have made me realise that I have a thirst to learn that I never even realised I had. But most of all, they have given me a whole new confidence. I really didn’t see that one coming. I signed up wanting to learn how to ask for directions should I find myself lost in my daydreams in Paris. But it’s like I can see a glimpse of a whole new and improved me. Who can count to one hundred in French. And I rather like her.

J’aime vraiment cette fille qui peut compter jusqu’à une centaine en français. Je l’aime beaucoup. 


14 thoughts on “The one where I learn to count to one hundred. And so much more.

  1. Nikki Thomas says:

    That is so fantastic! Both that you are learning French and the effect that having something for yourself is having. I need to do something like that as I do think it’s important to have some time out of the house where you do something for yourself! I am actually a qualified French teacher and I tutor now, but if you ever fancy tweeting ‘en français’ let me know!


  2. MargotBarbara says:

    This is such a great post. I love learning new things and completely understand your enthusiasm. Good on you for not leaving that first lesson, re-discovering your passion for learning, and for uncovering a whole new, confident and French-speaking version of you. I like her too 🙂


  3. lpbarton says:

    What a wonderful view on going back to learn. I’ve always wanted to study further but have got to scared or shy too. It sounds though as though it’s definitely worth a try. Lovely post thank you for sharing!


  4. Grenglish says:

    What an amazing thing to do. I’m so jealous!! It is so hard to put yourself in a position where you feel out of your comfort zone so you are an inspiration to everyone else out there who would LOVE to learn a new language too but just doesn’t have the courage to sign up. Languages are hard but you are obviously a natural! Just think how much you will be able to teach your own kids too, just lovely.


  5. Aimee says:

    So pleased for you x
    You’ve inspired me! I’ve been considering going back to painting – I used to love it before I had the boys, so I’m going to look into it!


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