Double take

People tell me all of the time how much my six year old daughter looks like me but I sometimes struggle to see it myself.

But I was going through our holiday pictures from Wales and I was reminded of a photo of me at about her age.. On a beach.. Complete with windswept hair..


(My daughter is the one on the left, I’m the topless one on the right *cough*)

Forgive the poor quality of the scanned images but holy guacamole! Tell me I’m not going mad, she’s my absolute double, right..?

17 thoughts on “Double take

  1. helen adams says:

    she is indeed your double! You have inspired me to do the same on my blog as I get told the same about my daughter and I will have to dig some photos out.

    The photo really does look like the same child just taken on different occassions.


  2. says:

    Totally and how gorgeous are you both! I found old pics of myself at Oliver’s age and we really are so similar it’s untrue. I’m going to start taking them out when folks say, “doesn’t he look like his Dad”.


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