Hello favourite new dress

Hello favourite new dress, how lovely to meet you…

When I was asked to choose something to review from the new Autumn collection over at Joules, there was no question that it would be this beautiful Leila dress. I have had my eye on it ever since I received the new season brochure in the post weeks ago and have been lusting after it ever since! And it did not disappoint in the flesh. In fact, it was even more gorgeous than I had expected.

Nobody does floral dress patterns quite as well as Joules. Fact. And I love that it is so bright yet the colours still feel autumnal. It has a flattering scoop neck and pretty elasticated empire line. The dress comes just above my knee which is a perfect length on me for everyday wear. But it was the small details that really caught my eye like the pretty three quarter length bell sleeves and the button placket on the back. But best of all, it has pockets. Two of them! As somebody who is constantly misplacing her phone or being left in charge of Moshi Monsters that have been sneaked on to the school run, this is my idea of dress heaven. I understand that my love of pockets may be unusual *cough* but never underestimate the usefulness of pockets ladies!

I love love LOVE this dress. It fits like a glove and I think the small details like the lovely waistline and cute buttons (oh and the pockets) make it that little bit more special. It is also exceptionally well made as you might expect from Joules and it is more than worthy of the title of being my new favourite dress *happy sigh*

For more details about this Leila dress and all other kinds of Joules gorgeousness, do pop over to www.joules.com (just don’t blame me when you want it ALL)

Please note: I was very kindly sent this Leila dress worth £69.95 for the purpose of this review but have not received any other form of payment. All opinions (and strange fascinations with pockets) are of course my own. I think that goes without saying, don’t you? 

15 thoughts on “Hello favourite new dress

  1. Sherrie says:

    I adore this dress, it’s simply beautiful. It would brighten up any rainy day. There’s something special about wearing dresses during the day I think. Maybe because I don’t own many or maybe because I am use to wearing jeans and any old top knowing I will be covered in paint and other child like marks by lunch time! I Would happily wear this dress though and stay clear of the paint!


  2. Maria @ Feisty Tapas says:

    I could spend all Autum and winter in dressed given the chance, they can be so comfy and let’s just say that the tights provide added “protection”. I love this dress, I really need to to shopping and sort out my wardrobe


  3. TheMadHouse says:

    You look stunning. I love Joules, especially for the boys. I have dug put all my dressed, which I layer up with thick tights, boots and vests over the autumn and winter. I love the look, but you are so chic


  4. Thinly Spread says:

    Oh it’s gorgeous! I am sitting on my hands trying hard not to go over and look (obviously only metaphorically as I am clearly typing this and I’m no good at that with toes or nose!) – I suspect I may lose the battle!


  5. Melksham Mum says:

    Oooh I pinned that on Pinterest. Love it! The pockets are a bonus and it doesn’t cost silly pounds either! I’m pleasantly surprised at that, I thought Joules would be pricier! x


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