Mutton dressed as lamb..?

I had my son when I was just twenty-one which sounds so young these days but at the time, it really didn’t feel like it. I was climbing high on the career ladder, had been in a relationship with my lovely Mr Mostly for four years, we had bought our first house and starting a family was the icing on a rather fabulous cake. Life was amazing! But becoming a mother, especially a mother who was often wrongly judged for being too young, meant that I used to try to dress much older than my years. Or certainly more sensibly than my years.

A very young me with my even younger son

The environment that I worked in too meant that I was constantly trying to prove to the much older and experienced colleagues around me that I was more than up to the job. And my working wardrobe used to be my armour I guess. Here’s my power suit hear me roar! So the combination of these things meant that I spent the most part of my twenties not having the confidence to dress how I really wanted. I dressed in a way that I thought would be seen as appropriate. And looking back, I can see that this resulted in me dressing like a rather sensible forty something rather than the twenty something I was.

Now I’m a thirty something with a whole brood of children who long said goodbye to the power suits (and the career that came with them) and I finally have the confidence to enjoy clothes again like I once did as a teenager. I honestly couldn’t care less about what other people think any more. I dress for me. But you know when you are not quite as young as you used to be? Or as thin for that matter? Well yeah, I’m kind of in that place. But the way I see it is that I’ll never be quite this young or probably quite as thin again. Does that mean I’m straying into mutton territory without even realising it?

My favourite teen baiting outfit du jour

I always thought that once my children became teenagers, they would become my mutton klaxon but that is so not the case. My teens are mortified by just about anything that I wear. And I mean anything! Wearing Converse has had me deemed as tragic and as for coloured tights, well I won’t even go there. But the problem is that teen baiting has actually become rather fun because it is just too easy to embarrass them. In their eyes, I am beyond ancient which I just find hilarious because in my mind, I don’t actually feel much older than them.

Youth is so wasted on the young. And so are the decent clothes. I don’t think I’m quite ready to give up on my rediscovered love of clothes just yet. And if that makes me mutton, I’m not sure that I care!

10 thoughts on “Mutton dressed as lamb..?

  1. Nicola D Seary says:

    I love Clothes-always have,always will but I have never been one to follow all the High Street trends-I like to mix and match.Like you I was a relatively young mum-having my first child at 23-he’ll be 13 in a couple weeks.I have since gone on to have a further 4 children-1 of whom (my 10 year old daughter) has also inherited my love of clothes and fashion.I recently found out why my clothes were feeling a bit snug-I weigh a stone more than I had thought-oops. I wear what I want and what I feel comfortable in-really don’t care what others think these days.


  2. Mummy's on the wine says:

    I love this post. I also love clothes and approaching 40 I have way more confidence than I used to have in my 20’s. I recently bought a pair of very short shorts to wear over tights and did ask Mr A if I looked like mutton, but actually I don’t give a shit because right now I feel great and love wearing them! So all hail the non-muttons, we’re just super confident yummy mummy’s, yes?! x


  3. Victoria Jenkins (@Victoriaaa0) says:

    Lovely post. Good on you for wearing what you want. Im at your first stage. Im 21 and for a while dressed all plain jane trying to look older to avoid the disapproving eyes. Like that was going to happen, im tiny!! …heck i even go horse riding in head to toe pink..even i think its a good job that Rio isnt quite old enough to understand that one yet, who wants to be boring?
    the little lady – with a baby!


  4. Lauren says:

    Without sounding or coming across like a stalker I’m always interested in what clothes you have been wearing (hmmm that’s come out very wrong!)
    I think you have amazing style and, if I was thinner and had a better shape, I would completely copy your style.
    I don’t think you are mutton dressed as lamb. You are just really trendy, which I can see in a way is embarrassing for your children because maybe there’s a jealously over your fab wardroabe!
    But remind them that you could be one of those mothers who wears cheap tracksuit bottoms, fake Converse, a top that’s either 2 sizes too small or 2 sizes too big, with your hair never washed or styled…I’m pretty sure they’d chose to keep you as you are 🙂 xx


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