Master Moves Mickey up for review

My youngest daughter is a HUGE Mickey Mouse fan so she was over the moon when we were recently sent this new M3 Master Moves Mickey from Fisher Price to review. It couldn’t have come at a better time actually as she was just getting over an awful bug and feeling a little bit sorry for herself but Mickey certainly helped to put a smile back on her face!

Master Moves Mickey is quite simply fabulous. A press of his nose and off he goes. I never knew that a mouse could break dance quite like this…….

Mickey Mouse dances to a funky beat as he combines over fifteen different dance moves into his own original dance combinations. Your little one can perfect their moves with Mickey as he shows off his insane handstand and then pops right into a 360! Press his nose to hear original tracks and funky beats as Mickey does “The Windmill”, “The Mouska Mix”, “The Spin Cycle”, “The Handstand” and the rest of his cool Mouska-moves! He even comes complete with batteries.

I think it goes without saying that this gets a HUGE thumbs up from us we absolutely love him! It’s worth noting as well that for the best performance, it is recommended that you play with Mickey on a hard flat surface (as you would expect) but we had no problem in playing with him on the carpet too. In fact, if his moves go slightly wrong, he actually asks you to give him a hand then thanks you and carries on! Another positive note that I must add too is that the packaging is super easy to open. I know this might sound like a small detail but I’m sure those parents who have had to battle as many glued down boxes and hideous wire fastenings as I have will appreciate my joy when I found that to open him, you simply had to open a perforated section at the back of the cardboard box then untie a couple of paper fastenings. Other toy makers – please take note!

Master Moves Mickey is suitable from age 2+ and priced at around £70. Check out for more cool Mickey tunes, videos and chances to upload videos of your own master moves. 

Please note that for the purpose of this review, we were very kindly sent this toy free of charge from Fisher Price. All opinions are of course my own (as is the amazing dancing child) and any links have been included out of courtesy. 

2 thoughts on “Master Moves Mickey up for review

  1. Alexandra says:

    Oh what an amazing toy! My nephew is fan of Micky Mouse, too but all I could find was “just” a teddy-bear with Micky Mouse’s ears and pants…*sigh*


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