Moshi Monsters: The Musical Mystery Tour up for review

My six year old daughter is a huge Moshi Monsters fan and with 65 million registered users across the globe, no doubt this is a world that many of you are already familiar with!

Moshi Monsters is basically a virtual world where children can adopt, customise and nurture their very own pet monster. They can also collect Moshlings which are the pets for the monsters, play games and puzzles and so much more.

We were recently sent the new Moshi Monsters: The Musical Mystery Tour book to review and it is so much fun! With the augmented reality book, Moshi Monster characters are brought to life in 3D and you can join them on your computer screen. You can find out how you would look as a Moshi character and watch Zac Binspin perform an exclusive show!

The Musical Mystery Tour combines an exciting storyline where you get to battle the evil Dr Strangeglove who is of course one of Monstro City’s most feared and ancient enemies. But best of all, you get to rescue kidnapped pop stars by completing puzzles and challenges and there are four augmented reality experiences to complete.

I must add that I have seen some reviews that have stated that they have experienced problems in downloading the software that is needed for the book but I have to say that this wasn’t the case for us at all. I found that it was really easy to set up on my laptop and we haven’t had any problems with it when playing with it since. In fact, the book has been such a huge hit with my daughter that I can’t recommend it enough!

Moshi Monsters: Musical Mystery Tour is published by Carlton Books and is available now in hardback online and from all good book stores priced at £9.99. 

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