Barbie Photo Fashion up for review

We were lucky enough to be sent the new Barbie Photo Fashion doll to have a play with and boy oh boy was she a hit with my girls! They are huge Barbie fans anyway but this doll is really something special as she is not just a doll, she’s a digital camera too!

Barbie Photo Fashion has a camera seamlessly integrated into her outfit and every time you take a photo, it’s instantly displayed on her t-shirt. There are some really cute features too with lots of preloaded graphics and the opportunity to customise your images. The doll can store up to 200 photos and comes complete with a USB cable so you can either upload your favourite pictures on to it or download the photos that you have taken to share. It doesn’t require batteries as Barbie can be charged up with the USB cable. She also comes with a very handy stand which is perfect for when using the USB or even during play too.



The camera itself is really easy to use and the buttons on Barbie’s belt are used to take the photos, select effects or display a slide show of your photos. The icons used on the t-shirt screen too are really easy to understand. In fact, by the time I had got the instructions out of the box, my girls had already figured it out for themselves and were clicking away. It really is that straight forward!

I find it amazing that Barbie Photo Fashion has all of this clever technology while still being an actual doll. We absolutely love her! It is aimed at children aged six years and over as you might expect because it is so much more than a normal doll. It is a little more expensive than your usual Barbie at £69.99 but keeping in mind just how clever the technology is, I think this is definitely one to consider for the Christmas list this year.

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