Bye bye boring old magnolia

We have lived in this house for coming up to six years now which is actually the longest we have ever lived anywhere ever. But six years on, the hall stairs and landing were still painted in the same boring old magnolia that they were when we moved in. I suppose the fact that they looked okay meant that it has been easy to ignore them for this long.

Back in March I went on a bit of a nesting spree and did all those niggly little jobs that we hadn’t got around to and I had the hall stairs and landing clearly in my sights. It might surprise some of you that I am actually quite handy with a paint brush. No! Really I am! But I really really really don’t have a head for heights. There is a huge drop on our staircase meaning that I couldn’t even attempt to paint it myself but full of hope and optimism, I bought the paint to do it in the hope that Mr Mostly would catch my nesting bug. I have never done the nagging wife thing but maybe this is why things never ever get done unless I’m doing them. And so eight months later… Mr Mostly gets around to the painting.

The last trace of the people who lived here before us is finally gone along with the very last scrap of magnolia paint. Hoorah! I will skip over the bit where Mr Mostly dropped a roller loaded with paint which proceeded to bounce. down. every. one. of. the. stairs. And the tears (mine) that followed. The carpet actually cleaned up better than I thought so it wasn’t a complete disaster. I’m too easy on him, aren’t I? Let’s just say that we’re not still together after eighteen years because of his decorating skills. In fact, I would go so far to say that we are still together after eighteen years despite his lack of decorating skills, his talents really do lie elsewhere.

So at long last, the painting is all done. The move from magnolia to white might not sound drastic but it has made a huge difference. It feels all light and bright and airy. I actually think that magnolia always feels like such a non-colour where white seems like an actual colour choice. At some point, I would like to replace the cream carpet we have for something much less bland and something much more stripey. Mr Mostly joked that it could be my Christmas present. Or at least I hope he was joking?!

I have finally been able to hang the amazing antlers that I rescued from my Dad’s man cave months ago and they look fabulous with my little addition of the hot pink plaque. I also plan to make a photo gallery going up the stairs although this is still a work in progress for now. I don’t have nearly enough frames to do it just yet plus I can’t quite decide how to do it. I want it to be something that I can build on over the years to come but I want it to look good in the meantime too of course. Cue the need for me to spend (even more) hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Although I would bet good money on the fact that it won’t take me half as long as it took Mr Mostly to get the bloody painting done…

Disclaimer: Mr Mostly would like it to be known that a fine craftsman should never be rushed and he hasn’t simply been putting off doing the painting, the last eight months have been spent carefully planning this masterpiece *cough* 

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