Hello. Meet Tiger.

Hello. Meet Tiger. Tiger is a leopard. He also has the honour of being my four year old’s favourite toy du jour but just look at him….


It was love at first sight for my four year old. For me, it was more a case of being reminded of the news items in the 80’s where they would scare you to death by pulling a teddy apart to show you that it was held together with six inch rusty nails. We rescued him from a gift shop in Windermere and as you can see, he really is one of a kind.

Oh and it’s not the angle of the camera that makes him look like he has one front leg longer than the other. He really does. His back legs are different sizes too just for good measure and his straggly little tail is held on by a thread. He only has whiskers on one side of his face and yes, they stick up in the air but they do match his little sticky up ear.

It really does make me wonder what she sees when she looks at him. She obviously sees past his imperfections. Or maybe she loves him because of his imperfections. Either way, she really does love him. Lucky old Tiger I say!


2 thoughts on “Hello. Meet Tiger.

  1. Icklebabe says:

    That’s so sweet! ( the story, not necessary mr Tigar ;))
    Reminds me of choosing the christmas tree with my parents every yr as a kid. I always wanted the most beaten up, bare looking tree. I wanted to take it home and look after it 😉 maybe your little ones a natural nurturer too xxx


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