Hotel Chocolat’s Rather Large Cracker up for review

I think my favourite kind of post is quite possibly the kind of post that contains a Rather Large Cracker filled with rather amazing chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. Oh. My. Word.

This Rather Large Cracker is, well, rather large and rather lovely. In fact, it is a whopping 640mm long and as well as making a stunning centrepiece, it is actually a real cracker. But not just any old cracker. A cracker filled with 40 amazing chocolates, 12 party hats and even jokes. It’s quite possibly the best cracker ever!

I loved that the actual chocolates came in beautiful little wrappers. Some had one large chocolate in but many had two truffles. From a practical point of view obviously this means that the chocolates are kept in pristine condition. It also means that you don’t have to eat them all in one go but obviously this is something that can be flaunted. In fact, these chocolates are so good that I would defy you not to. The selection was truly amazing and there really was something for everyone from soft truffles to pralines, salted caramels and more.

The cracker really is striking and I think it would make a lovely Christmas gift and obviously would be perfect for the big day itself. Priced at £38.00 you get an awful lot of yummy chocolate for your pennies as well as a whole lot of wow factor.

The Rather Large Cracker is available from Hotel Chocolat now as well as a whole host of other Christmas chocolatey gorgeousness. Yum. 


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